The Eyes of God Camera Initiative Installs Cameras at a Fifth Church

City of Miami Celebrates Completion of Wagner Creek, New Affordable Rental Building in the Hospital District(Miami, FL March 25, 2017) – On Sunday, March 26, 2017, Terry Wright and Young Funeral Home, along with City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez and Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, Miami-Dade County State Attorney, will install cameras at a fifth church under THE EYES OF GOD Camera Initiative. This initiative stemmed from an event held  on Father’s Day, June 19, 2016 known as “Don’t Take My Life, Let Me Live,” and was posed as a catalyst for pastors, community activists, law enforcement, elected officials, and business owners to unite as a single voice, committed to take action against the epidemic of gun violence and other crimes of hate and injustice.

THE EYES OF GOD initiative entails the placement of video cameras at designated churches that will record footage of the surrounding areas, such footage to assist in the prosecution of gun violence and other crimes in the vicinity.

The installation of the new cameras will be announced at New Mt. Moriah MB Missionary Baptist Church located at 6700 NW14th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33147.

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