The Different Types of Bathroom Styles

The Different Types of Bathroom Styles

Are your bathrooms in desperate need of renovations? Then you’ll need to pick a style that works with the rest of your home. There are many different bathroom styles to consider—from a sleek modern design to a rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

Your bathroom is an essential room in your home, and it needs the right decor. A bathroom should feel warm, inviting, and relaxing. Accomplish a successful bathroom redesign by learning about some of the different types of bathroom styles!

Beach Style

Want to make every trip to the bathroom feel like you’re going to the beach? Beach-style bathrooms feature nautical themes with lots of ocean hues. Find a shower curtain that features waves or a beach setting. Use different shades of blue for towels, rugs, and accessories. You can also incorporate a sandy brown color for hand towels or washcloths to complement the blues with a beach vibe.

Create a beach-style bathroom with seashell, nautical, and palm tree decor!

Farmhouse Style

If you’d rather have an inviting, old-timey aesthetic in your bathroom, go for the farmhouse look. Use lots of chicken wire and wicker baskets, vintage knobs, and natural lighting. If you want to add a natural farmhouse touch, use a barn door shower entryway! A farmhouse bathroom has an especially inviting feel that’s perfect if comfort is high on your list of priorities.

Create a farmhouse-style bathroom with vintage farm tool decor, wooden or wicker accessories, and cozy framed farm pictures!

Eclectic Style

Do you march to the beat of your own drum? Then embrace it by going eclectic with your bathroom. While many different types of bathroom styles feature one unifying element, an eclectic style dares you to think outside the box. Choose from crazy colors, unique knickknacks, and more. Try to bring out certain aspects of your personality in your bathroom. Do you love a particular color or pattern? Then feature it heavily in your bathroom design.

Try a unique style by featuring an unusual countertop, a custom shower, and your favorite colors!

Modern Style

Sometimes, you can’t beat a sleek, modern look for a bathroom. Try to keep it as minimalistic as possible while using bold colors. Lots of homeowners like to use chrome in their modern design. Remember, you should keep your theme in mind whenever you select countertops for your bathroom. That way, everything in the restroom stays consistent.

For example, white quartz countertops look stunning against the gray, black, and chrome features of a modern bathroom. While the modern theme adds a cool element to the room, its incredible appearance will draw guests right in.

For a modern bathroom, use minimalistic decor, new technology, and sparkles of chrome!