The Difference Between BBCOR and USSSA Bats

The Difference Between BBCOR and USSSA Bats

Bats come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Each aspect affects their performance in some way. Some of these changes can serve as advantages when you play on the field, while others may prove to be more beneficial during practice. Be aware of the difference between BBCOR and USSSA bats and what their best applications are. You don’t want to show up to a game with a less-than-optimal bat.

What Are USSSA Bats?

USSSA bats see wide use. They enhance the playing ability of batters, giving them an advantage when they hit the ball. The bat’s design increases the power each swing generates by improving the trampoline effect. This effect means that each bat has more flexibility, granting it greater hitting potential. These bats see use in USSSA certified tournaments.

Why the Enhancement?

The enhancement facilitates better competitive play among teams. The belief is that USSSA bats foster an environment where players perform at their highest potential, motivating everyone to work harder on the field and cooperate more as a team.

What Are BBCOR Bats?

On the other hand, BBCOR bats decrease the trampoline effect on balls, thus reducing the distance balls fly after a hit and the force a swing generates. This dampening of the trampoline effect happens due to the more rigid material in the BBCOR’s design. BBCOR bats are the standard for high school and collegiate play.

Why the Limitation?

While it may seem like a detriment to decrease the hitters’ ability, this isn’t always the case. BBCOR bats protect the team on the field. Because these bats have less power behind them, they lower the chance of unnecessary injury on the field. Some may say this takes away from the competitive nature of the game. However, it ensures that injuries don’t take players out of the game and protect them from long-term damage.

Which Bat To Pick

Always know the regulations of the league you play for; different associations legalize different equipment. There are no universal rules, so familiarizing yourself with the differences between BBCOR and USSSA bats can help you stay out of trouble when you go up to bat. Ensure you have the best equipment to highlight your skills while staying within regulations.