The Contradiction Completed: How Progressive Power Solutions is Providing Safety and Security Across the Globe

falcos children village

Tanzania is a country full of contradictions. Though AIDS ravages families and leaves 3.2 million orphans (that is over half the population), they give to others before fending for themselves. Unreliable electricity is accessible to only 40% of the people, but they sing constantly. 32% of the country has food shortages, but that doesn’t stop them from helping a stranger at great personal sacrifice, as Norman Harrison of Progressive Power Solutions recently experienced.

During a rainstorm, their car got stuck on a muddy road. Despite the rain, locals left their homes to help. They pushed the Americans out of the mud and then walked with the vehicle for 7 kilometers (4.5 miles) until the car reached an asphalt road and could continue safely.

By installing solar, Progressive offers savings and security to Utahan customers. But they expressed how gratifying it was to give the gift of solar power to people who value every ounce.

“They don’t waste anything. Once [something] is done serving its purpose, they repurpose it for something else. They use the land and the environment to their advantage: to help protect and provide for them. Their lifestyle personifies what solar was created to do.”

After providing power for lights, kitchens, protective fences, and pumped fresh water for Falco’s Children Village, Progressive will return next year to power a local health clinic, experiencing again this culture of contradictions that now has a special place in their hearts.

Dennis Lisonbee, the professor who lead a team of students on a service trip to Falco’s said,

“When our Utah Valley University group first walked into the village we were overwhelmed by a spirit of joy and thankfulness that permeates the children. We found that every dollar or hour of time contributed towards this effort is multiplied in the way it blesses both the giver and receiver.  This effort will certainly have a mighty impact by creating leaders who will successfully guide the future Tanzania.”

Perhaps the greatest contradiction these volunteers experienced was that, despite it’s need, this country’s small village of orphans gave them so much more than they could hope to give back.

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