The Constitution of The United States of America: Is it Really That Diffucult to Understand?

Imagine how the founding fathers felt when they signed their names to the Declaration of Independence, pledging their sacred Lives, Fortunes & their sacred Honor for their beliefs. The knew full well that the king was going to send mercenaries to deal with them, yet they stood for their beliefs nonetheless. Is there anything you would stand behind as they would?

I ask you to imagine it because this is something as foreign to most Americans as the meaning of our founding documents. We, in our greed, take with glee the handouts of the state. It is the crack-cocaine of our times, and, as the Roman lower class, we are as much slaves in our times now as they were then. And we have the gall to condemn the other political side for doing the same things we do on ours. I find it funny.

I found a great series of video lectures (5) on the constitution” by Hillsdale College’s President Larry Arnn. In my opinion, Hillsdale College is one of the three best colleges in America.

If you have ever wanted to know something about one of the most profound documents ever penned by man this series of videos is more than worth the viewing.

You will learn much about the thoughts that the founding fathers had and their motivation behind their actions but what I hope you will begin to see is how they used “Symbol, Celebrity & Poetry” to communicate. We have been taught, for the last three generations to only see the literal meaning of a thing. We miss so much when we communicate.

Pay special attention to where President Arnn discusses the Lincoln/Douglas debate. Here Lincoln uses symbol to illustrate why slavery was so wrong, but until Lincoln used his symbolism Douglas could not see his point of view.

The url link above has a link to the video, .pdf work sheets and all of the free and one paid reading if you want to know more.

Some of us fine it baffling at the modern interpretations of calls of its outdatedness.


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