The Best RV Accessories For Hassle-Free Travel

When living or traveling in an RV, making the most of your limited space does wonders. The simplest accessories can dramatically increase your free space, making time spent in your RV home more convenient, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Here are some of the best Rv Accessories to incorporate into your RV to make the most of your space:

Bulldog Swivel Caster Wheel 5000 Lb

AP Products Plate Rack
Conserve what cover space you have with an AP Products Plate Rack. This handy RV accessory takes up minimal counter space all while providing a compact and convenient place to store your eatery. The AP Plate Rack holds up to 24 pieces of dinnerware and takes up less than 11” of shelf or counter space – perfect for small spaces. The white dish rack is vinyl coated to protect your dishes from dents, cracks, or scratches, and weighs 0.1 lbs. The AP rack can easily be stored out of sight, but provides you with a compact and secure place to store your dinnerware. The AP Products Plate Rack comes guaranteed with a limited 1-year warranty.

AP Products RV Kitchen Kaddy
From spices to kitchen cleaning products, the AP Products RV Kitchen Kaddy is the perfect investment to provide extra, out-of-the-way storage for your RV’s kitchen. This convenient shelf caddy can be fastened to cabinet doors or walls, leaving you with more counter and shelf space, and its vinyl coating ensures that anything it holds will be protected from scratches or damage. The Kitchen Kaddy comes with an included mounting kit for fast and easy mounting, while the Kaddy itself comes pre-assembled and ready to use. The AP Products Kitchen Kaddy comes guaranteed with a limited 1-year manufacturers warranty.

B&R Plastics Magic Folding RV Table
Have a compact and convenient place to store your books, magazines, table lamp, or just an extra flat surface with the B&R Plastics Magic Folding RV Table. This handy little easy-to-store folding table is compact and adds an extra surface area to your RV. The table can be assembled whenever it is needed and folded and stored away when you need that extra space. The Magic Folding RV Table height can be adjusted, and has a versatile surface size with two opposite folding table legs. The RV table also features a built-in magazine rack for even more storage. The perfect RV accessory for those looking for more homey RV accessories, the B&R Plastics Magic Folding RV Table is the perfect addition to any RV or motorhome. The table comes guaranteed with a limited 90-day manufacturers warranty.

BRK Electronics First Alert RV Fire Extinguisher
Always be prepared with the BRK Electronics First Alert RV Fire Extinguisher. This extinguisher is designed to fight class B liquid fires and class C electrical fires, being the perfect accessory for your RV’s safety and security. The First Alert RV Fire Extinguisher features a commercial-grade metal valve and trigger and includes a bracket and strap for a secure and out of the way mount, making for convenient and discrete storage in your RV, camper, boat, or motorhome. The fire extinguisher contains a sodium bicarbonate extinguishing agent, is in accordance with UL standards, and is coast guard approved. The BRK Electronics First Alert RV Fire Extinguisher is also rechargeable, ensuring that your RV and your family are always protected from unexpected flames. This RV accessory comes guaranteed with a limited 10-year manufacturers warranty.

Having all the amenities of your home can be difficult on the road while in a small and confined RV space. Finding the right RV accessories is essential to ensuring hassle-free and comfortable travel. For more information on the aforementioned RV accessories, or to find a wide variety of other RV supplies visit RVupgrades online today!

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