The Best Outdoor Activities in Utah

The Best Outdoor Activities in Utah

Utah earned its nickname “the Beehive State” from its people’s diligent and industrious nature. After all, many busy bees were necessary to build a new community in the harsh conditions of the Mountain West. Today’s Utahns still value hard work as much as their pioneer predecessors, but they also place a premium on that ever-important work-life balance. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the rest of the corporate self-help genre may be the state’s great contributions to American literature. Fortunately, Utah is just the right state to balance work with recreation, boasting some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes on the continent. Now that things are opening up for the summer, you can begin to rediscover your love for travel and the great outdoors. So, read about some of the best outdoor activities in Utah.


Trails over wide-open spaces and challenging terrain make Utah a perfect destination for off-roading. To the north, you’ll find various trails for off-highway vehicles up and down the Wasatch Front. This encompasses easier paths, such as the Wasatch Skyline Route just north of Salt Lake City, and more challenging fare, such as the Monks Hollow Trail south of Provo. Down toward St. George, approaching Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, the mountainous terrain gives way to the desertscapes of the Southwest. Before you take your Jeep to these trails, you should familiarize yourself with what it takes to off-road on sandy surfaces.


If you don’t want to experience these exhilarating surroundings from behind the wheel, put on your hiking boots and set out for one of the many state and national parks covering this sparsely populated region. The opportunity to burn some serious calories while taking in the sights you can’t see anywhere else make these hikes some of the best outdoor activities in Utah. Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and Arches National Park all feature trails to accommodate the most novice hikers and put the most experienced folks to the test.

Skiing (Even in the Summer)

Believe it or not, not everyone relishes in the soaring temperatures of summer. Even the most heliophilous among us can use a little break from the heat. Just as Miami Beach can provide a pleasant escape in the dead of winter, Utah can rescue you from the beginning of summer with a skiing season that extends as late as the Fourth of July. Now there’s a novel way to celebrate America’s birthday. Put down the hot dog and the badminton racquet and hit the slopes. If it’s too late for skiing as you read this, fear not, because just as the season ends late, it starts early, too.