The Best Educational School Field Trip Ideas

The Best Educational School Field Trip Ideas

Taking your students to an amusement park sounds like a lot of fun, but there isn’t a ton of learning to do there (other than learning how much funnel cake you can eat). Here are the best educational school field trip ideas to help students learn in an exciting environment.

Natural History Museum

Natural history museums contain so much knowledge and information wrapped in fascinating packages that students will learn without even realizing it. With historical records and figures of animals, plants, and ecosystems, students will glean historical facts and knowledge with the unique ability to focus on the specific topics that interest them the most.

Botanical Gardens

Even in places with a lot of natural plant life, taking a trip to the botanical gardens is an illuminating way to learn more about the natural world. Seeing the incredible diversity of plant life and learning more about different genera and species engages children at any age (and many gardens have tour guides who can answer the students’ pressing questions).

Local Zoo or Aquarium

Zoos and aquariums scratch two completely different itches, so talk to your students to see what interests them more. Aquariums appeal to lovers of the foreign, as seeing sea creatures in their natural habitat is more exciting and exotic than looking at anteaters.

However, zoos offer animals that students are already familiar with and have some level of attachment to, which is helpful for engagement. Plus, seeing lions and tigers up close is as exciting as looking at a stingray for the first time!

Art Museum

If you’re hoping for a field trip that focuses on a subject other than science or history, art museums are a great choice. Art museums are a source of inspiration for many students who have never seen a vast array of art, with mediums from portraits to watercolors to abstractions.

You can also take this opportunity to expose your students to art from a historical standpoint and discuss the various conditions that may have led artists to work in certain mediums or paint certain subjects.

To experience the best educational school field trip ideas, you’ll need a way to get there. Taking a school bus might seem like the obvious choice, but research whether that’s the best bus for your group and enjoy the field trip!