The Best Burger In The State!

The Burger That Reigns Supreme: La Beau????????s ??????Bobby Burger?????? It is always nice to learn of an off menu special at your favorite restaurant. And at La Beau????????s I found a great one. In fact, the menu item if found I consider to be the best item on the menu. It is the

From The Image Foundry
From The Image Foundry

??????Bobby Burger.?????? It has an extra punch of marinade, thick cut bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and jalape????os.

I can????????t quite explain what makes this such a special burger. In general mayo on anything isn????????t my thing, but combined with the marinade and the smoky bacon it becomes creamy joy, not mayo on a burger. I am also a fan of jalapenos, and even if you are not, I????????d suggest that you leave on a few because it really adds to the robust flavor of this burger.

When I invite some friends to Le Beau????????s it is not uncommon for 4 or 5 of us to all order the same ??????Bobby Burger.?????? This is a testament to my exertion that the ??????Bobby Burger?????? is the best burger in the state.

This is my call to action to all the burger lovers out there. Come and try the ??????Bobby Burger?????? and see for yourself if it isn????????t the best burger in the state. And if it isn????????t your favorite burger in the state let me know. There are many good burgers to be found out there to be sure, but I have chosen to order something else at other restaurants over a burger many times now. So, with much contemplation I am convinced that the ??????Bobby Burger?????? is the best I????????ve come across. I????????d recommend that you go over to La Beau????????s and try it.

Sometime I will tell you about the ??????Bobby?????? this burger is named after. He is remarkable too.

Le Beau????????s ??????? 165 East 1400 North ??????? 435-752-2140 ???????????La Beau’s Old School Drive In


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