The America Team’ is a staple at the Okie Noodling Tournament

Tim Suchy resides outside of Wanette, Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma

By Tariq Lee, Staff Writer, tlee@opubco.com
Published: July 9, 2011

PAULS VALLEY ??????? When Tim Suchy entered Wacker Park Saturday for the 12th Annual Okie Noodling Tournament, onlookers pulled the cameras out and began taking pictures.
Many approached his red pickup truck, which was decked in red, white and blue banners, seeking a handshake from or a picture with the noodling celebrity.
Suchy’s team, which his partner, Bill Erwin, calls ??????The America Team,?????? has been part of every Okie Noodling Tournament and won the first one in 2000. The results of this year’s tournament were not posted at press time.
Suchy’s 23-year-old son Aaron pulled out the team’s largest catch, which was 51 pounds.
??????I just love the adrenaline rush; I don’t know why but I just do,?????? Aaron Suchy said. ??????When I first started going with my dad (at the age of five) I didn’t like it, but after I caught my first fish … I loved it.??????
Erwin said jokingly of his partner: ??????(Tim Suchy) can’t catch nothing … He takes his boy around to catch for him.??????
Erwin’s 14-year old son, Colton, also was part of this year’s team.
??????It’s kind of scary not knowing what’s down there but it’s pretty fun,?????? said Colton Erwin, who will be a freshman at Madill High School this fall. ??????My dad is awesome; I’m glad he got me into it.
Tim Suchy, a Norman firefighter who lives in Wanette, and Bill Erwin, a rancher, have been part of six of the 11 Okie Noodling Champion teams, a fact which is evidenced by the amount of people seeking tips.
??????We’re the best,?????? Erwin said.
Tim Suchy, 51, started noodling with his father 41 years ago, and has several cuts and bite marks from various underwater animals on his left arm to prove it.??????I got bit by a snake, and I’ve had a hold of a few beavers,?????? Suchy said.

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