That’s a wrap! : 2019 Seattle Film Production by the numbers

Happy New Year! It’s that time for a bit of reflection on the work the filmmaking community accomplished in 2019. In compiling our data for the year, we noted 499 film permit applications processed in 2019, with Commercial projects making up over half of all permitted work. 2019 also saw an increase in local hires, as well as an increase in projects by Seattle-based companies. See below for the full run down, and the attached document that gets more into the nitty gritty of things, and comparisons to 2018. Feel free to reach out with any questions about our data!

Infographic on Film Permits by Year, Film Permits by Type, Number of Local Cast & Crew Hired, and Number of Days of Filming Across all Projects.
Infographic on Percentage of Applicants Based (Seattle, WA, or another State/Country); Applicants who Identify as a Small Business
Infographic on location filming, production and parking, and interdepartmental coordination.

Film Production in Seattle Impacts Look Ahead

The Third Chapter of the Seattle Squeeze

The third chapter of the
Seattle Squeeze
will last through 2024. Seattle’s downtown will continue to
be in a state of transition to meet the needs of our growing city, and along
with that comes some impacts to keep in mind!

Need Help with a Location?  Hire a Local
Locations Professional!

Keeping your schedule is critical to the success of your
production.  Navigating multi-location shoots requires intent and
expertise.  When scouting and shooting, we always recommend hiring one of
the region’s location professionals.  They are the experts and can help
you navigate the landscape and permitting processes in Seattle and the region:

As always, please contact the Office of Film + Music any
time if you have questions or input.

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