Text Is King When Considering Your SEO

As you may have discovered from experience, the web can be accommodating to various file types. There are ways to publish all types of files on the web from .pdf, .jpg, .gif and .doc files. Flash is also used to enhance the beauty of your website. However, because you CAN, doesn’t mean you should add these files to your design.

The truth is: for your search engine optimization, you need to rely as much as possible on text to have your site perform better in the rankings.

If your page is created with flash, or with any of the other files listed above, the spiders will miss what is on your site. Search engines do not index pictures and other types of graphics. The search engines need to have text.

If you do need to use images, be sure to use the ??Ÿ?¦?alt??Ÿ?¦? tag to provide some descriptive text (with keywords and phrases) that can be seen by the search engine spiders.

You should review the content on your site from time to time to improve the keywords and phrases that help with your SEO strategy. Often times it is a good idea to have professional writers provide content that will build your keywords and phrases.

One of the nice things about web development is that it can easily be changed. You might say that it is a continuing experiment. However, one of the bad things about web development is that it continually changes because of the experimentation.

As in many things in life, the only consistency with the web is change.

For most companies, the best way to think of the web is like a dynamic brochure. If your company has anything in print, it changes quite often to meet new needs, or present your services in a more modern view. Your website should be given the same consideration.

Your website needs to be a great reflection on your company. Increasingly, your website will be the first impression many (most) people have of your company.


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