Testing Finds Non-Hazardous Material at Kraft Road Dewatering Site

Pocatello IdahoTesting of material at the City of Pocatello’s Kraft Road dewatering site has determined the material to be non-hazardous in nature.


In a letter to the City of Pocatello from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) the agency stated “the DEQ has determined the wastes handled at the Kraft Road site were not hazardous.” The report also directs the City to cease operation of the location because it “does not meet siting criteria for such an operation” and remove the dewatering pad as well as all contaminated material.


“The City is continuously looking into our policies and procedures for ways to protect the area we call home, including the Portneuf River,” said Hannah Sanger, Science and Environment Division Manager. “In line with DEQ’s direction, we are exploring options for relocating the site.”


To view the letter, visit pocatello.us/DocumentCenter/View/3664.

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