Tesla’s Not the Only Company Working on Electric Semi-Trucks: American Truck Showrooms Launches a New Electron ic Power Unit for Long-Haul Truckers

ATS Introduces the "Trucker Electric Smart Load Assist APU"

January 11, 2018 08:08 PM Eastern Standard Time

GULFPORT, Miss.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–American Truck Showrooms is in its final test phase with their new “Trucker Electric Load Assist Power Unit” that brings electrification efficiencies to truckers today, while all-electric vehicles remain years away. “The recent announcement of a fully electric heavy-duty truck by Elon Musk from Tesla is exciting, but the reality is that today’s independent owners of semi trucks will have to wait many years before they can afford an electric semi-truck,” says American Truck Showrooms CEO, Louis Normand, Jr. This invention from American Truck Showrooms, the "Trucker Electric Smart Load Assist APU", is a completely electric auxiliary power unit (APU) with no moving parts, designed to save the operator money, by efficiently running cab amenities during downtime at zero cost rather than idling the engine.

“Our Trucker Electric Smart Load Assist APU batteries charge while the truck is driving down the road so that when the trucker stops for the night, he hits ‘ON’ and the system does the rest. We are ushering in the age of electrification for the trucking industry.”

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American Truck Showrooms continues to innovate in the trucking industry. “Much of the credit goes to the second-generation leaders of the company, daughter Amanda Normand and son Thomas Normand,” Louis Normand states.

“We are constantly evaluating how new technology can benefit long-haul truckers. Electrification is interesting but fully-electric trucks won’t go into production until 2019, and the first models will cost more than $190,000. Truckers need the efficiency of electric power today, and our new APU technology delivers,” Thomas Normand explains.

The "Trucker Electric Smart Load Assist APU" features an array of batteries that will last more than 15+ hours, and still have plenty of power to spare. The system heats and cools the cab and sleeper compartment, while offering power for electronics inside the truck. A fridge for the cab will be installed in the units that get this new power system. American Truck Showrooms New "Trucker Electric Smart Load Assist APU" is a sealed system that will withstand environmental exposure. If a 110-volt receptacle is nearby, the trucker can plug-in and have unlimited service.

While auxiliary power unit motors are not new to the industry, the current technology runs small diesel motors. Many truckers struggle with breakdowns involving these diesel system APUs as offered by Carrier and Thermo King. “These systems gulp fuel, are expensive to run and frequently break down,” said Thomas Normand. “Our Trucker Electric Smart Load Assist APU batteries charge while the truck is driving down the road so that when the trucker stops for the night, he hits ‘ON’ and the system does the rest. We are ushering in the age of electrification for the trucking industry.

www.AmericanTruckShowrooms.com Warranty UPGRADE – Now Available! Big Saving Ahead!

Amanda Normand says, “It gets even better for our customers. American Truck Showrooms is now offering a select group of trucks with a limited National Warranty upgrade for the motor. We are now able to offer 100% coverage on the main truck motor with no additional cost for customers. It is a two year upgrade that includes critical components such as the exhaust aftertreatment system (DEF), (ECM), injectors, turbocharger and even the water pump.” Normand explains that these are the components that break down most often and are rarely included in other warranties. The limited warranty upgrade is the only Zero deductible warranty in the country. “We have developed a great way to help the American trucker and it’s saving them money,” said Amanda Normand.

www.AmericanTruckShowrooms.com is a DBA of American Truck Group, LLC. The corporate headquarters is located in Gulfport, Mississippi. The company manages a fleet of more than 400 late model Class 8 semi­trucks from Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, and Freightliner. All rights reserved. www.AmericanTruckShowrooms.com or 1-228-200-0722.


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