TEL announces the launch of Triase+™ EX-II Pro™, a Single-Wafer Metallization System

Tokyo Electron (TEL) announced today the upcoming commencement of the sale of the Triase+™ EX-II Pro™ single-wafer metallization system in October 2018.

The Triase+ EX-II Pro is a high-speed single-wafer ASFD1 system capable of depositing titanium nitride (TiN) and titanium silicon nitride (TiSiN) films. Building on the existing Triase+ EX-II TiN series that have been used in the interconnect and electrode metallization processes for memory and logic devices, the soon-to-be released Triase+ EX-II Pro has been developed to satisfy technological needs of advanced devices that feature increasingly intricate structures with multilayered design.

The Triase+ EX-II Pro offers many advantages, including excellent step coverage for high aspect ratio structures, continuity of ultra-thin films and uniformity of film thickness, superior productivity over preceding models, and process conformity with various temperature zones. To support these features, the Triase+ EX-II Pro comes with a gas delivery system that enables high-volume gas flow with high purge efficiency2, as well as a heat controlling system. Preceding models can also be retrofitted with these new features, enabling existing customers to upgrade to the latest hardware at a reduced cost.

“The Triase+ EX-II Pro delivers a technology solution that meets the latest device scaling needs,” said Hiroshi Ishida, Vice President & General Manager, TFF BU at TEL. “We will go on responding to even more challenging problems of the future by enhancing technology development and expanding our product line.”

Applying its unique expertise in technology development, TEL will continue offering high value added products to customers seeking optimal solutions for technical challenges in advanced devices.

1. ASFD: Advanced Sequential Flow Deposition, a low-temperature processing method for forming nanoscale metal films with highly-engineered properties.
2. Purge efficiency: The efficiency of gas purging in a film deposition process.

Trias, Triase+, and EX-II Pro are trademarks or registered trademarks of the TEL Group in Japan and other countries.


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