Teaching Faith, Character Brings Peace

In the frenetic pace of today????????s world, wisdom prompts us to pause, reflect, meditate to relieve stress and reconnect with God. Teaching faith and good character to our families brings peace of mind.

To Think

To think is to awaken the epic hero within you,
To subdue the unwilling flesh and sinew.
A single pause to choose what is just
Can replace years of pain with peace and trust.
Turn from the clamor of worldly pursuits
To search out unbroken, eternal roots.

Listen for that still small voice
To guide you in each daily choice.
Sure words from home, found in Holy Writ,
When heeded bring the mind to wit
Neglected joys??????? truth hence unremembered,
Or songs for the soul, long ignored and unheard.

A line well-written is worth a thousand words shouted.
A moment of faith more than scores of years doubted.
A reflection, a moment, a gathered thought
Is one past overcome, one future bought.
To think is to look past a world gone awry
To the color of God????????s thoughts written in the sky.
~C.A. Davidson

Epicworld Cultural Academy is committed to restoring traditional values in families everywhere, and after the positive response to the dinner topics, is seeking to develop additional resources, including Critical Thinking Course for future leaders.
We invite you to join us in this endeavor to strengthen families and prepare the rising generation for a challenging future.


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