Tea Party People Are Not Racists; They’re Abolitionists

Liberals accuse Tea Party people of being racist because Tea Party people don????????t like President Obama. The fact is their dislike of Obama is because of his socialist policies, practices, and dogma, not because of his black or white heritage. Tea Party people hate his politics, not his skin. Most Tea Party people are anti-racist, anti-deficit spending, anti-Socialist and anti-big government. They are against involuntary servitude. They are not racists; but they are modern abolitionists.

Many Tea Party people are black. Are we supposed to believe they hate Obama because of his black skin? Ridiculous!!! No, they despise his criminality, his willingness to plunder the productive people and his willingness to betray our nation by plunging us deeply into debt. They despise his socialist, supremacist, failed Obamacare. They despise his tyranny and his executive orders given in an effort to illegally legislate. His skin color is immaterial to Tea Party people who are the opposite of racists. Whether he was black, white, red, brown or some other color, they wouldn????????t care about his skin color, just his policies and his actions.

I know many white Tea Party people who love Mia Love, a black politician, Allen West, a black politician, Ben Carson, a black politician, and other conservative black writers and politicians. Are they racist or just conservative? How can these white people love black people and still be racists? They are not racists; they are simply lovers of truth. They despise a black, white, or red man for his lies, betrayal, socialism, and tyranny. This dislike has nothing to do with this man????????s skin color, but has everything to do with his lies and betrayal. Liberals are lying when they label Tea Party people as racists. That is a pure lie. They are liars. They bear false witness.

America fought a war in part over the issue of states rights, but also over the issue of slavery. The slave owners lost. Tea Party people would have been for states rights, but against slavery. They are always for the Constitution and for the rights of the individual. They are against special rights and special favors from government. They are against big government, big spending, deficits, and tyranny. They are for the right to defend oneself by keeping and bearing arms. They are for the right to life (against indiscriminate abortions). They are for freedom of speech and religion. For those stands they are vilified. Ridiculous!

After the civil war the federal government was a stronger political force in America. It believed its power had trumped states rights. Although formal slavery ended with the defeat of the Confederacy, a new insidious type of involuntary servitude, a form of slavery replaced it. The new slaves were the U.S. taxpayers.

Little by little liberal politicians (both Republican and Democrat) started to promise unearned benefits and free stuff to those who would vote for them. They lie to the voters, telling them that we are a democracy, not a republic, and suggesting that our national government can provide an endless cornucopia of free stuff and finance it with ever increasing taxes, borrowing and huge deficits, and provide all this without a negative result. Aren????????t these lies? Aren????????t they then liars? They ignored the limits the Constitution places on government, which made it impossible for the government to involve itself in areas where it had no Constitutional authority. They overstepped their bounds. Doesn????????t that make them criminals? They gave us ??????unlimited government?????? that is becoming more of a tyranny every day. They have enslaved the taxpayer. Doesn????????t that make them slavers? Most hardworking people work almost half the year to pay taxes. They are involuntary servants of government at all levels. They are dictated to with too much regulation, too much licensing, and burdened with fees and huge taxes. The load is becoming too much. This irritates the Tea Party member as they are being plundered to pay for illegal, extra-constitutional programs, departments, and other spending.

Who do the liberals, socialists, and progressives tyrannize? One half of the people expect free stuff, or exorbitant government pay and benefits from the other half of the people. The people who are expected to pay for this socialist utopian cornucopia are the people who are forced into involuntary servitude. The Tea Party people want to free the taxpayers from this involuntary servitude, this form of slavery. That is why I call them abolitionists. (see: Are You An AbolitionistLink)

Tea Party people are the friends of freedom loving people. They love freedom. They hate racism, slavery, involuntary servitude, special favors, cronyism, mercantilism, forced redistribution of wealth (theft), corporate subsidies or corporate welfare, bailouts of the favored (more theft), and all the other corruption our governments represent today. They are today????????s heroes, and some of today????????s foremost defenders of the Constitution, individual rights, and freedom.

Those receiving the handouts, free stuff, bailouts, political favors, subsidies, grants, and political power received for pandering to the parasite class hate Tea Party abolitionists. Why do they so bitterly hate the Tea Party people? Tea Party people are hated because they oppose all the handouts. Tea Party abolitionists are mislabeled, libeled, slandered, and smeared by the left, by the liberals, by the progressives, by the socialists, and by the controlled, left wing media.

Liberals involved in a debate with a well-informed Tea Party abolitionist soon find they have no facts, data, or credible arguments that can win in a real debate with freedom loving Tea Party abolitionists. So they quickly resort to ad homonym attacks, or name-calling or to lies. They try to misdirect with name calling so that those involved in the emotional discussions can be fooled. They appeal to emotion rather than reason. They become spoiled children who are upset because mom and dad won????????t let them gorge on free candy for dinner. They call Tea Party people racists and terrorists. Those are simply lies told in an effort to discredit the Tea Party and the abolitionists seeking freedom for themselves and others.

Tea Party people are some of the most productive, honest, loving, kind, freedom loving, America loving, Constitution loving, American tradition loving, God loving, family loving, hard working, thrifty, brave, patriotic, good people in America. True Americans need to dig deeper to understand better what Tea Party people stand for and why they speak out. They need to look beyond the lies and the slander at the real motivations of the Tea Party people. They need to understand the political and economic truths that drive the Tea party to their vocal opposition of tyrannical big government. They need to understand the history that motivates Tea Party patriots.

Are Tea Party abolitionists upset? Are they outraged? When you have been robbed, tyrannized, lied about, betrayed, and abused for years by the government and those who have put that government in power don????????t you have reason for outrage? When you are lied to, lied about, betrayed, and robbed aren????????t you justified in some measure of outrage?

As we read the Declaration of Independence we hear echoes of today????????s outrage. The people of that day were patient with their king and appealed to him to abandon his tyranny. They appealed to him in specific terms, but were met with increasing persecution and tyranny for their efforts. Our president and our Congress are not supposed to be our kings, but today they pretend that they are.<.br>

Today????????s federal government increasingly persecutes those in the Tea Party who push for change, for freedom, for a decrease in spending, for a decrease in taxes, for an end to deficits, for a reduction in debt, for fewer regulations, and for a roll back of government to its Constitutional limits. The IRS persecutes Tea Party organizations and others who resist the tyranny. The number of abuses and criminal acts performed by government increases by the day. The victims of this tyranny are deemed politically incorrect if they complain. The government vilifies them and heaps additional persecution upon them for their complaint. Just shut up and accept the suffering and injustice. Just submit to the involuntary servitude without complaint. If you complain, we????????ll call you a racist or worse.

I????????m an abolitionist. Are you? I????????m against tyranny. Are you? I????????m against government persecuting and plundering one class to provide special benefits for another class. Are you? I????????m against forced redistribution of wealth. Are you? I????????m against involuntary servitude. Are you? I????????m against libel and slander of honest patriotic Americans. Are you? I????????m against slavery. Are you? I????????m against all racism and special rights. Are you? I????????m against government overstepping its bounds. Are you? I????????m against the indiscriminate killing of millions of unborn children. Are you? I????????m against socialism (a creed of lies with a terrible track record). Are you? (See: Give the Socialists Their Due CreditLink)

I????????m for limited government, limited taxes, obeying the Constitution, balanced budgets, reducing foreign aid, schools free from government interference and propaganda, and getting out of the corrupt U.N. I????????m for the traditions of American freedom and culture, the right to life (even for pre-born children, old people, and sick people). I????????m for holding corrupt politicians, thieves, and other frauds accountable. I????????m for honest Constitutional money, gun rights (the right to self defense), a foreign policy that doesn????????t act as the world cop but minds its own business, locally run schools, free speech, freedom of religion, fewer regulations, an end to the Department of Energy, the EPA, the Department of Education, and dozens of other extra-Constitutional agencies and departments, and many other things that limit government????????s tyrannical reach. Are you?

If you find yourself agreeing with most or all of what I????????m for or against, you just might be a Tea Party Abolitionist. If you are offended by what I????????m saying you might be in league with the liberal tyrants that are destroying our economy, our nation, our freedom and our rights. Free market capitalism and freedom have lead America to once be the most productive, happiest and richest country on the planet. The socialism our nation has embraced the last 60 years has bankrupted our country. By their fruits shall you know them, for better or for worse. The socialists are false prophets. They consistently produce bad fruit. Examine their history and you????????ll see failed economies, lies, and mass murder. You????????ll see grinding poverty, and desperate tyranny in their wake.

This war of words began before the world was and will continue until God comes again. One third of the hosts of heaven were cast out for being on the wrong side of this contest. Be sure you choose the right side to be on. Hint, it????????s not the side that uses lies, forced redistribution of wealth, and murder to get what it wants. It????????s not the side that is so puffed up in its pride that it feels it has a right to rule over others in tyranny. It is the self-reliant side that works for what it wants and earns it rather than forcing a handout from someone else. It’s not the side that covets and is so full of jealousy that it will steal to get what it envies.

What would God have you become and what would He have you lend your support to? That is your question. Be either hot or cold; if you are luke warm you????????ll be spewed out. (see: Maker or Taker; That is the QuestionLink)

If you love freedom and eschew tyranny it????????s time to decide what you stand for before someone decides for you and shoves it down your throat. If you love freedom, stand with the Tea Party Abolitionists against the forces of socialism.

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