Tallahassee Shines as Solar Star

Environmental Group Recognizes the City for Renewable Energy Programs

This week, the Environment America Research and Policy Center released a publication highlighting the City of Tallahassee as a leading "Solar Star." The publication, titled "Shining Cities 2018: How Smart Local Policies Are Expanding Solar Power in America,"recognizes the City’s solar farm and its low-interest loan program for energy-saving appliances, measures and systems, which include solar.

"In Tallahassee, we have worked hard to increase our investment in clean, renewable energy and decrease our community’s carbon footprint," Mayor Andrew Gillum said. "Our new solar farm is a shining example of that investment, and we are very proud to be recognized as a national leader in clean municipal energy."

The City has long been a good steward of the environment. With its 20-megawatt (MW-AC) (28 MW-DC), 120-acre Tallahassee Solar farm operational, plans for a second farm are in the works. The community’s second solar farm is expected to be twice as big, 40 MW-AC, and power an additional 6,800 homes in Tallahassee. City utility customers wishing to participate in Tallahassee Solar, the City’s solar program, can sign up at Talgov.com/Solar.Customers who sign up to participate will be added to a Tallahassee Solar waiting list, which will be activated once the second solar farm comes online.

Environment America Research and Policy Center is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to protecting the air, water and open spaces. It investigates problems, crafts solutions and educates the public and decision-makers. For more information about Environment America Research and Policy Center, visit www.environmentamericacenter.org.

To learn more about the programs mentioned in the publication, visit Talgov.comand Talgov.com/Solar.


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