Take a Spin in Heber City, Utah

What would you think of a restaurant that is attached to a gas station? Driving down Main Street in Heber City, Utah, you may notice the Spin Cafe, in my opinion, one of the exceptional Utah restaurants. Spin Cafe is located in a non-descript brick building with ample parking and a sign on the exterior.

We entered the restaurant and I was mildly surprised. The interior of the Spin Cafe has been completely redone. It is new and fresh.

At the counter was a cooler with at least eight flavors of gelato. Spin Cafe is known for the homemade gelatos. The atmosphere was clean and modern with two large dining rooms. We were having lunch mid-afternoon, so there were only three or four groups in the dining room.

The waitress was pleasant and helpful. I believe she wanted to be there helping us. Entrees ranged from $9 to $16 for lunch. Be ready for the menu. It is food prepared with new ideas and fresh ingredients.

One in the group ordered Sweet and Spicey Smoked Wings for lunch. The wings were cooked without sauce. I like wings, but sometimes, the sauce gets in the way. Not the case here. The wings were smokey and tasty without the mess.

Another in the group ordered a burger. The Spin Burger is thick and freshly made. If you are thinking frozen patties off the truck, think again. These are made fresh after you order. This is not fast food. If you wish to add blue cheese to your burger, it is an extra at $1.25. Yes. It was worth it.

I am a sucker for a pulled pork sandwich. So, I ordered the BBQ Special of the day, Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich. It came with a bowl of Butternut Squash Soup, which was velvety, savory and warm. The sandwich came with mustard slaw which gave a nice ting to the sweet barbecue flavor. The presentation on the plate was clean and inviting.

The Spin Cafe in Heber City, Utah is not a fast food lunch place. Take you time when you visit and enjoy the atmosphere and the food. Although, the portions were just right for lunch, it did not leave room to try their famous gelato. Next time, I will have a desert date with my wife to test the gelatos.

Spin Cafe is located at 220 North Main in Heber City, Utah.


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