Supporting Local Businesses

Why Support Local Independent Businesses?

As a local independent business, we often battle misconceptions when compared against national chain stores. We’d like to set the record straight. We have competitive prices, a larger product selection, and more expertise regarding the products we carry. But there’s more to it than that.

The local economy benefits when local businesses support each other. Numerous Studies have shown that dollars spent with locally owned companies are reinvested back into the community several times over, whereas money spent with national chains tends to be invested elsewhere. Here are some examples of why it makes sense to buy from local businesses:

Local Independent Businesses support local accountants, attorneys, merchants, banks, insurance firms, restaurants, and other community resources.

Local Independent Businesses pay more taxes and rarely receive tax breaks or subsidies.

Local Independent Businesses make up the distinctive personality of the community.

Local Independent Businesses sustain a healthy and vibrant main street.

Every dollar spent at a local business will turnover five to seven more times in our economy, based on the national average.

For every $100 spent at a local business, as much as $68 stays in the local economy, compared to only $43 when the same amount is spent at a chain store.

*Andersonville Study of Retail Economics

In today’s challenging business environment, everyone is looking for quality and savings when it comes to the everyday items they use in the office. With the “Business Source” brand, that’s exactly what you get. Business Source brings you products equivalent in every way to industry name brands except one thing – the price. Plus the Business Source brand is backed with a 100% guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Here at Denny’s Business Source, we know how critical it is for your company to control costs and stay within budget. Our Business Source brand represents just one more way we’re saving you money. Please contact us to learn more about how we can take expenses out of your business and help you take more to the bottom line.

Denny’s Business Source
1291 Legrand Street
Logan, Utah 84321
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