Summer safety tips: Rodent and pest control

To protect yourself and your home from rodent activity, proper trash storage is important. The City of Boston works diligently to educate property owners and residents regarding the proper methods of storing trash. The key to quality urban rodent control is eliminating and limiting access to food and water. Please utilize these helpful tips below:

Storage of Trash

Always be sure to store your trash properly. Trash should be stored in receptacles with tight-fitting covers. The receptacles should never be overflowing and trash should not be stored in grocery bags. Contain trash at a specific location up until the time of collection.

Eliminating Water

Property managers, owners, and residents should remove any stagnant water from their property. Eliminating water reduces the amount of water sources that insects and rodents have.


The City of Boston encourages residents to report and track rodent activity by contacting 3-1-1. Education and collaboration among urban pest professionals and residents with regard to trash maintenance will result in decreasing rodent activity.

A rodent free home is a healthy home!


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