Stress Management Tip: Preventive Computer Maintenance

Stress Management Tip: Regular Computer Maintenance is as important as regular oil changes.  Just as your car needs regular oil changes, your computer needs regular maintenance to keep it BUG-FREE and running smoothly for you!
Are You Tired of Waiting?
Does your computer seem to take forever to complete its functions?
Or maybe you are in the middle of an important project, and the deadline looms near. Suddenly your computer keeps crashing. You should have gone online for answers, but that is so stressful—it takes so much time to find the answer, and where do you start? Now your screen is white! Nothing works. Probably some kind of a virus. You can’t put it off any longer. You’re going to have to call that IT guy at the local store. But he costs more than a plumber, just to show up! What to do? Get a new computer? Lose data? Start all over?
ABCs of Preventive Computer Maintenance
You know what happens if you go too long without an oil change on your car—it destroys the engine. Being forced to replace your engine is unthinkable.
A.  Avoid emergencies. Just as your car needs regular attention, so does your computer. Don’t wait. A little action today will keep your computer from getting really sick with a lot of bugs. Even if you rarely go out in public, you can still pick up a lot of bugs—just from innocent things like playing games or shopping online.
B. Backups protect your data. Prevention gives you more options—like the best rates.  It’s so much more reasonable than replacing your computer, and less stressful.
C. With a convenient computer maintenance plan, customized to your situation, it allows you the luxury of the best customer service, including onsite visits.
Satisfied Customers of No Limit Computer Solutions
“I rely on my computer for contact with family, friends, and my family research,” says Jessie Geary, family research expert. “After Jordan took more than 3000 unwanted bugs and other unwanted items off of my computer, it ran smoother and faster.  He also has a regular maintenance program that helps make sure my family history files are safe.”
“Jordan McClung is a very capable computer tech,” notes Janice, a family indexing specialist.  “He is trustworthy, and I am comfortable with him coming into my home. He has reasonable rates and repairs in a timely manner.”
Media Conversion Service also available
“Jordan McClung does high quality work. I'm very pleased with the completed media conversion, which cleaned up poor sections of video,” says Jay White, who submitted videos of a family reunion taken several years ago.
No Limit Computer Solutions
Serving Logan and the greater Cache Valley, Utah area.
Free Phone Consultation
Please Contact Jordan at 801-607-1325

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