Steve Suhaka, A Great Personal Trainer in Logan, Utah

Three years ago I was fat, rapidly losing muscle mass, had painful joints, was losing my reflexes, my balance, and my endurance. What was happening? I was getting old. I wondered if anything could be done to turn things around so that I might enjoy better health and fitness as I approached my later years.

Soon thereafter at a Logan Saturday market I met Steve Suhaka, personal fitness trainer extraordinaire and the owner of On-Site Fitness of Logan, Utah. We set up an appointment to develop a personal plan for how I might get into better shape.

Steve is a 30 year old, well educated, committed fitness guru with plenty of knowledge and lots of experience in helping people of all ages to attain their fitness goals. He has experience as a trainer for larger local corporations in helping to bring down their health care costs through personnel fitness training programs. He is also experienced in working with people one-on-one. Steve's phone number is 435-237-7420. His website is: www.Onsitefitnessllc.com

He listened to my needs, took inventory of my fitness level and designed a program for me. We started to meet twice a week at 8 AM for half an hour of paced resistance training and circuit training.

The program is priced to be affordable and is well worth the money spent. This is what I call preventative medicine. Steve helps me with the planning and the resistance training. Those are the areas where I have little expertise. I handle the aerobic workouts myself on the days when I'm not working with Steve. The 30 minutes I give Steve twice a week also tends to be aerobic as we move from exercise to exercise which keeps my heart rate in the training range.

I do more when I go to the trainer. I'm not as self disciplined as I should be. I do more work in my work outs when I have Steve guiding me. When I go to Steve's gym I know I'm going to complete the work out he has planned for me. He is encouraging which helps the work to go by easily. It makes for a pleasant beginning to the day. After the work out I invariably receive an endorphin reward that makes the work day go by easy too. I feel more productive at work as well.

Within a short time I noticed additional muscle mass, better balance, improved reflexes and fat loss. My metabolism increased and fat loss became easier even though I'm in my fifties. That first summer I lost 30 pounds of fat and gained an estimated 10 pounds of muscle for a net weight loss of 20 pounds.

Your results may very. I'm not very good at watching my diet. You might do better. For me it's been nice to know that I have an appointment with a fitness professional twice a week. He doesn't push me beyond my ability, but helps me to progress. Steve is mindful of weaknesses, old injuries, and developmental needs. He is able to skillfully develop a program tailor made for any individual.

Although I am growing older every year, I now feel that I can be old and fit, rather than just old and miserable. If you have been considering engaging a fitness professional to help you with your personal improvement, consider Steve Suhaka of On-Site Fitness in Logan, Utah. I've met many of Steve's clients. It seems like a group who is well satisfied with the results they are achieving.


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