Stellar Volunteers Donate Time and Energy to Love INC of Albuquerque

Volunteers of the Month: Carol Cole, Irene Olivas, Brian Snider, and Celeste Snider


Albuquerque, NM – Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Carol Cole, Irene Olivas, Brian Snider, and Celeste Snider as the City of Albuquerque’s Volunteers of the Month for going above and beyond while volunteering for Love INC Albuquerque.

Love INC has been operating in the Albuquerque area since November of 2007. The organization’s mission is to mobilize churches to transform the lives and communities in the name of Christ. Love INC is a network of churches that work together to accomplish more than they could have individually. It is a cooperative effort between multiple religious organizations to provide effective help for those who are disadvantaged. These churches provide a help line where someone in need can make a phone call and get connected to multiple resources.

Cole volunteers her time to serve as the receptionist for Love INC of Albuquerque and she does so for almost every hour that the business is open. Cole performs every task that is asked of her and also serves as the chair-woman of the Board of Directors. This position, in and of itself, is a volunteer position and takes up a significant amount of her time. Cole’s service and willingness to spend so much of her time has helped Love INC to flourish.

Olivas has been volunteering for Love INC for several years. She works in the call center and is often the first contact that clients have with the organization. Olivas is a wealth of information about community resources and knows where to refer those who are asking for help. As a bilingual woman, Olivas provides a critical service to those calling in who only speak Spanish.

Brian and Celeste Snider are a husband and wife duo who are always there for whatever Love INC needs them to do. Anytime that someone needs furniture picked up or if Love INC needs a team to do a home visit, the Sniders are always there to answer the call. The Sniders help Love INC with office help, sorting and cleaning donated goods, and anything else that the organization requires.

Wonderful volunteers are what make Albuquerque’s community great. These particular volunteers’ passion and enthusiasm help Love INC to do what they do so effectively. It is for these reasons that recognized Carol Cole, Irene Olivas, Brian and Celeste Snider was recognized as the City of Albuquerque’s Volunteer of the Month for the month of March 2017.



For more information on the Love INC Albuquerque, please visit https://www.loveincabq.org/


The ABQ Volunteers Advisory Board of the Mayor’s Office of Volunteerism and Engagement, or the MOVE Advisory Board, is responsible for connecting volunteers with organizations in need of volunteers. MOVE’s activities receive advisement and support from the MOVE Advisory Board, as defined by its mission statement.

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