Steamboat Springs: March Final Sales Tax Report

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO-May 15, 2018- The City of Steamboat has published the final
March 2018 Sales, Use, and Accommodation Tax Report. City of Steamboat Springs’ March sales
taxes are 3.73% more compared to the March 2017 collections or an increase of $104,597. For the
past 5 years, March collections represent about 12% of annual collections. Year to date sales tax
collection is 6.37% more than year to date through March 2017.
When comparing this March to the same month last year, the greatest categorical increases were in
Utilities at 14.20% and Marijuana at 11.04%. Notable increases in collections by area were 27.53%
for the Regional area and 7.25% for the Highway 40 Corridor area.
Accommodation Tax is now primarily dedicated to local trail projects since the Yampa Street
improvements portion of referendum 2A was completed last year. A small amount each year is
dedicated towards the marketing of these projects and capital improvements at Haymaker. March
collections were flat compared to the same period last year.
Building Use Tax is used to fund capital projects for the City of Steamboat Springs. This tax
fluctuates depending on building permits issued, use tax audits completed, and the size and number
of developments in the City. March net use tax collections totaled $104,796. Year to date net use tax
collections are $26,483 more through the same period last year or up 13%.
In an effort to improve customer service, the tax division unveiled a new Municipal Tax landing page
that went live with the new city website. The webpage provides an efficient way for customers to
access information on sales tax rates, online sales tax filing, construction use tax, excise tax on
construction, vehicle use tax, and links to documents, reports and the sales tax code. We invite you
to visit our new webpage!


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