Statement from Vice Mayor Laura Pastor to Announce Lost Lake Festival Coming to Steele Indian School Park

“I’m excited to announce to District 4 residents a new, unique experience that will blend and unite people and cultures throughout the entire city: the inaugural Lost Lake Festival at Steele Indian School Park from Oct. 20-22.

District 4 is the Heart of the City – it’s a hub for local businesses, entertainment, schools, the arts, and shops that shows no signs of slowing down. It is truly a rockin’ part of Phoenix, and it is only fitting that Lost Lake take place here.

This festival is all about bringing people of differing cultures and backgrounds together in a joyful, celebratory experience of performing and visual arts, music, and food. It’s appropriate that it happens here, at a place where a piece of history that can’t be forgotten helps keep diversity thriving and cultures intermingling – where people of all ages and walks of life interact; at a site that is of great importance and meaning to the surrounding community.

Lost Lake will bring recognition and awareness to this somewhat hidden location, which reminds us of the ancestry of our Native beginnings, and pay tribute to this beautiful place we call Steele Indian School Park.

The proximity of this event to things such as downtown, bustling local shops and restaurants, the Indian Center, nearby schools, and the light rail – will all bring attention to and promote accessibility and connectivity, to our City’s beautiful natural and manmade resources, to ourselves, and to each other.

This festival will be an unforgettable experience for those who attend and those of us who are already familiar with the immediate area. It will be a celebration of art, culture, food, history, and community. It will truly have a positive overall impact on the City that will only expand and flourish over time for years to come. I look forward to sharing more details in the coming months on this exciting event.”

More information on the Lost Lake Festival is available on the event website at lostlakefestival.com.

Steele Indian School Park is located at 3rd Street and Indian School Road in Central Phoenix. More information on the park is available online at: https://www.phoenix.gov/parks/parks/.

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