Statement from Vice Mayor Laura Pastor on Light Rail Extension Project

“The South Central Light Rail extension is an important project that will bring a much-needed resource into an area that will truly benefit from it, but it is vital that it be carried out thoughtfully and carefully.
“It is important that the needs and priorities of the existing businesses be met. This includes making sure they have everything they need to stay healthy both during and after construction, including the assistance necessary to remain viable, and proper access for patrons and deliveries.
“In addition, the design and traffic study process should be as comprehensive as possible, to find out how every opportunity can be maximized to allow for the safe and steady flow of traffic upon completion of the project. If there are areas where more vehicular and bicycle/pedestrian access can be achieved without requiring further environmental review, then that should be done where it makes sense.
“Most importantly, we should be sensitive to and respectful of this area’s culture, way of life, and sense of place. Too many times in the past have vibrant communities been adversely and irrevocably affected, or even wiped out completely. I pledge this will not happen on my watch once this project moves forward. This is a community that has a very distinct character, and this project must complement and add value to the pride and ownership that so many people, neighborhoods, and businesses have in this district.
“This project is an example of the potential for good change, and that which is different. There is an opportunity here to create a legacy through this expansion that will benefit the area for years to come. To do that, this project must be reflective of the area’s heritage and strong sense of community, and maintain the vitality already evident throughout South Phoenix.”

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