Statement from Mayor Rick Kriseman on March 3, 2020

The leadership of St. Pete Fire Rescue and the Tampa Bay Rowdies Organization have been exploring options to ensure the smoke continues to rise at Al Lang Stadium during each match.

As part of SPFR’s research into providing rules and regulations that were fair and consistent with those found throughout the State of Florida, it was learned that the Cities of Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Orlando, and Tampa all have regulations related to the use of smoke bombs / devices in their stadiums, whether for soccer matches or other assembly events.

Each city requires a permit, a fire inspector to be present, and the smoke to be released by stadium personnel or licensed pyrotechnic operators. Fans and fan organizations are prohibited from releasing the devices within each stadium. Each city, except Orlando, requires field demonstrations only.

St. Pete Fire Rescue personnel has created and proposed multiple options which are aligned with those found throughout the State, and which continue to allow the smoke to be released from either the stands, from the field, or from outside the stadium, while still providing a safe environment for fans in attendance.

Further, despite information being spread to the contrary, all three options provide for a single permit that will cover all home matches.

Each of the proposed options would be among the most fan-friendly in Florida and continue to set Al Lang Stadium apart from its peers. These options have not been presented to Ralph’s Mob, but instead have been presented to the leadership of the Tampa Bay Rowdies as they are the primary tenant of the stadium and, as such, responsible for the activities and conduct within the stadium.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of Ralph’s Mob and remain confident that the Rowdies Organization will help to facilitate the safe release of smoke in the stadium.

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Statement from Mayor Rick Kriseman on February 20