Statement from Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Guilty Verdict of Five Young Melph Mafia Gang Members

the City urged all New Orleans residents and businesses to get prepared and stay informedNEW ORLEANS — Today, Mayor Mitch Landrieu issued the following statement on the guilty verdicts handed down to five Young Melph Mafia gang members:

“Thanks in part to the hard work of the NOPD-led Multi-Agency Gang (MAG) Unit, five members of the Young Melph Mafia gang were convicted on 26 counts for their involvement in homicides, shootings, gun and conspiracy crimes in our city. Seven members of the gang previously pled guilty to charges.

“We made a pledge that we would catch, indict and convict any gang members who continue to shoot and kill on our streets. In 2012, we created the MAG Unit as part of NOLA FOR LIFE to go after the most violent criminals and gangs in our city. The MAG Unit supported this investigation and prosecution.

“You have heard me say this before: our justice system is continuing to send a clear and intentional message about accountability. If you engage in violence in our city, we are coming to get you. And when we do, you will be prosecuted, sentenced and punished to the fullest extent of the law. We will continue until every citizen in our city can live without fear of violence.  I applaud the NOPD and all federal, state and local law enforcement for their continued hard work to make our neighborhoods safe.”

Multi-Agency Gang Unit

Formed by Mayor Landrieu, the Multi-Agency Gang (MAG) Unit was designed to focus additional resources on the groups of individuals who continue to commit acts of violence in our neighborhoods. As an integral component of NOLA FOR LIFE’s Group Violence Reduction Strategy, the MAG Unit consists of a partnership with New Orleans Police Department (NOPD); Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office (DA); Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO); Louisiana State Police (LSP); Parole Board of the Louisiana Department of Corrections; United States Attorney’s Office (USAO); Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF); Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); United States Marshal’s Service (USMS) and the United States Probation & Parole Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

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