Statement from Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Phoenix City Council Votes 7-2 to Keep Sanctuary City Issue Alive, Will Have Secret Closed Door Meeting to Discuss Status

“Last night the City Council played political games by voting to discuss the Sanctuary City issue behind closed doors in executive session. As I predicted, they also created an ad hoc committee to discuss this issue further. These moves are nothing but a ruse to confuse the public and give false hope that Phoenix may someday become a sanctuary city. This will never happen. Phoenix will never be a Sanctuary City like Chicago, San Francisco and New York.

We had a chance to settle this issue once and for all last night, but instead City Council voted to keep the discussion away from the public and decided to have a secret closed door “E-Session” to discuss circumventing state law. None of this will change the basic facts: we have some of the toughest immigration enforcement laws in the country, and Phoenix is one of the toughest in the nation and will continue to be so.

Once again when faced with a difficult issue, we saw politicians doing what they do best – protecting their own political careers. Forming committees and having closed door meetings is what politicians do when they want to punt an issue and create confusion and uncertainty, instead of taking a stand and delivering on their false promises.

My prediction: This committee will not change the laws and we will NOT become a Sanctuary City. These same politicians may find some small nuggets to hand out, but I predict no real change will occur on the Sanctuary City status of Phoenix.”

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