Statement from Councilman Michael Nowakowski on Rallies During President Trump’s Visit

City of Phoenix“In anticipation of tomorrow’s visit by President Trump, we have seen a fine example of the Team Phoenix approach with multiple public safety agencies coming together to protect our city. We ask all residents to be a part of this team by respecting each other’s freedom of speech, even if those views do not reflect our own. Throughout these events, our top priority will be the safety and protection of our residents.

If you are planning on attending any of the events, we ask you to obey the direction of our law enforcement. While individuals are free to express their freedoms of speech and assembly, understand there will be zero tolerance for any violence or malicious conduct.

As a parent of six children, I am asking all parents to make sure you know where your children aretomorrow evening. If they do plan on attending any of the rallies, please ensure they respect all officers and adhere to their directions.

Finally, as chair of the Public Safety and Veterans Subcommittee, I encourage residents to ‘See Something, Say Something.’ You are the eyes and ears of our community and with your help we will keep Phoenix safe.”

— Phoenix District 7 Councilman Michael Nowakowski

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