State Police, Corrections Join Multi-Agency ALeRT Initiative

Expanded partnership means more collaboration and resources toward apprehending and aggressively prosecuting serious repeat offenders


Albuquerque New MexicoALBUQUERQUE, NM – Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry and Governor Susana Martinez announced that the New Mexico State Police (NMSP) and the New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) have joined the Analysis Led Recidivism Team (ALeRT), adding capacity and resources in the effort to identify, apprehend and aggressively prosecute serious repeat offenders in Bernalillo County.  Launched in May, ALeRT is a multi-agency collaboration among police and prosecutors from several local, state, and federal law enforcement entities.  With today’s announcement, the number of agency partners now totals six – including APD, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department (BCSD), NMSP, NMCD, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office.

“I’m pleased to see the commitment from local leaders and law enforcement to work together to make our state safer,” said Governor Susana Martinez. “By teaming up and working more closely with our local partners, we’ll make sure the men and women in law enforcement have the information they need to track more criminals down – and put them behind bars where they belong.”

“ALeRT is such an important tool because it provides police and prosecutors with a forum to coordinate their efforts and focus intently on certain serious offenders who are causing a disproportionate amount of crime in our community.” said Mayor Berry.  “ALeRT is also helping us provide more and better information to judges about these offenders so that, as a justice system, we can finally stop their felony crime sprees.”

Since May, 22 identified ALeRT offenders have been arrested in Bernalillo County, and each time, the District Attorney’s Office was immediately notified and provided with extensive background information about each offender’s criminal history by the Real Time Crime Center (to be used at each offender’s first appearance, in an effort to argue for strict conditions of release or preventive detention when applicable).  The cases were given high-priority status and will be prosecuted aggressively from start to finish.  In several instances, ALeRT offenders have been detained in jail prior to trial, or issued strict conditions of release, due to the seriousness of their past criminal activity and/or the underlying crime for which they were most recently arrested.  Additionally, over the past several weeks, three ALeRT offenders have been sentenced to significant prison terms (4.5 years in one case).

“The ALeRT effort is unquestionably helpful to our prosecutors as we work to aggressively prosecute these serious repeat offenders,” said District Attorney Raul Torrez.  “We couldn’t be more pleased that our collaboration has grown to include the State Police and the Corrections Department.”

As a result of this ALeRT expansion, NMSP and NMCD will now join weekly in-person meetings at the Real Time Crime Center to understand the current status of all ALeRT offenders and coordinate efforts to apprehend those offenders who have outstanding warrants.  NMSP and NMCD will significantly enhance the resource capabilities of the ALeRT team as a whole in the collaborative effort to capture absconders and fugitives.

“Our men and women in uniform work day and night to put criminals behind bars,” said NMSP Chief Pete Kassetas. “It’s encouraging that prosecutors will be focusing on keeping criminals off our streets and we look forward to this partnership helping law enforcement do more to keep New Mexicans safe.”

Additional information about ALeRT:

Developed at APD by the RTCC and with the support of the Albuquerque Innovation Team, ALeRT is staffed by analysts who use data to identify serious repeat offenders based on their history of felony arrests over the past three years, propensity for failing to make court appearances, and the type of criminal activity they engage in, such as violent crimes or certain categories of crime that are currently spiking in Bernalillo County, like auto theft.  In addition to analysts sending various types of alerts to participating agencies throughout the week (when arrests are made, warrants are issued, or court appearances are upcoming, for example), officers and prosecutors from each ALeRT agency meet once per week in person to coordinate fugitive apprehension plans, help the D.A.’s Office prepare for upcoming hearings if necessary, and discuss the status of each ALeRT offender.

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