St. Louis HELP Urgently Seeks Donations of Used Home Health Equipment

St. Louis HELP, the nonprofit Health Equipment Lending Program that freely loans home medical equipment to anyone at no cost for as long they need it, seeks donations of used home health equipment. (

“We have an abundance of need for used home health equipment that we can clean and recondition to help people calling us for assistance through our free lending program,” says St. Louis HELP Executive Director Laura Cannon-Singer, who founded the organization in 2008.

“Calls to our warehouse for assistance are increasing. We very much need donations of virtually every type of home health equipment that we can recondition and provide for people in all walks of life. All donations are tax deductible.” St. Louis HELP’s warehouse is in Olivette.

To donate used home health items or to borrow reconditioned home health equipment from St. Louis HELP, call 314.567.4700 or see the website In 2015 St. Louis HELP loaned 5,570 health equipment items for free to people suffering from illness, injury or a disability, and diverted about 140 tons of used equipment from landfills.  

“We loan manual and electric wheelchairs; scooters; walkers, crutches, canes; hospital beds; portable commodes; elevated toilet seats; lift chairs — and more – to people who can keep it for as long as they need it,” Cannon-Singer says.

St. Louis HELP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization staffed primarily by volunteers. It loans equipment to people disabled by injury, illness or surgery; those awaiting insurance company approval; those whose own equipment is being repaired; visitors to St. Louis who can’t transport their own home health equipment; and terminally ill persons.

In August 2014, St. Louis HELP received a prestigious “Point of Light Award” from Points of Light, the national volunteer management organization founded in 1990 in response to President George Bush’s call for volunteer community service.

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