St. Louis HELP is Your Solution for Free Loans of Home Health Equipment

FEBRUARY 21, 2016, St. Louis, Missouri…If you or a loved one needs to use home health equipment contact St. Louis HELP, the nonprofit Health Equipment Lending Program that freely loans home medical equipment to anyone at no cost for as long they need it. http://www.stlhelp.org.

Every year, St. Louis HELP assists more than 5,500 people and their caregivers by providing the home medical equipment they desperately need. Much of that equipment is donated by people to St. Louis HELP because they know it makes a positive difference in other peoples’ lives.

St. Louis HELP cleans and reconditions all donated equipment at its warehouse in Olivette before making it available for loans.

“In 2015 we loaned 5,570 health equipment items for free to people suffering from illness, injury or a disability — they didn’t have the medical equipment they need because they can’t afford it or insurance won’t cover it,” says Executive Director Laura Cannon-Singer.

“We loaned manual and electric wheelchairs; scooters; walkers, crutches, canes; hospital beds; portable commodes; elevated toilet seats; lift chairs?›ƒ?ªÿ—?›ƒ?ªÿand more?›ƒ?ªÿ—?›ƒ?ªÿfor free.”

To get free loans of home health equipment or to donate health equipment you don’t need, call St. Louis HELP at 314.567.4700 or see the website http://www.stlhelp.org.

“People donate used home health equipment to us or make a financial donation because they know it will help a sick child, a senior citizen, a cancer patient or people with disabilities,” says Cannon-Singer, who founded St. Louis HELP in 2008.

“That’s why we collect and distribute items throughout the year, and we conduct area-wide equipment donation drives twice a year,” she says. “We collect about 11,000 items of donated equipment annually. We revitalize it all. Good parts of broken equipment are used for repairs. Any broken wooden crutches are recycled to a wood chipper. Nothing is wasted.”

Every year, St. Louis HELP diverts about 140 tons of equipment from landfills by cleaning, reconditioning and loaning those items.

St. Louis HELP is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All equipment donations and financial gifts to St. Louis HELP are tax deductible.

To learn more about the St. Louis Health Equipment Lending Program, visit http://stlhelp.org or call 314 567–4700.


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