SPU Transfer Stations COVID-19 Response: Stations are open, only visit if necessary

To minimize
public contact for our essential employees and maintain social distancing,  our transfer station facility staff
asks for your help by limiting visits to the transfer station.

There has been an increase in self-haul customers, which makes
sense, since many folks have started spring cleaning while staying home.  Please keep this waste and extra items for
donation at home. This will limit spreading COVID 19 to our community, our
staff, and our staff’s families.

As an essential service, SPU’s Transfer Stations will remain
open unless directed otherwise by authorities. However, we all need to work
together and only go out for essential purposes. That old couch, chair, or
shelves that have been sitting in the garage for a few months can wait!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If you MUST visit our transfer stations during the COVID-19 outbreak, please take the following precautions:

  • Practice social/physical distancing by keeping at least 6 feet of
  • Staying in your vehicle while waiting at the scales
  • Paying with card rather than cash

Only bring:

  • Waste that will rot, cause odor, or attract
    pests (food, diapers) or that poses another public health risk

Postpone these visits, if possible:

  • Recyclables. Please put what fits in your
    curbside cart. You can store recyclables (cardboard, cans, bottles, paper,
    glass, scrap metal, appliances) at home, out of the weather.
  • Spring cleaning. Store this waste at
    home, out of the weather. If there’s no room in your home, consider putting it
    outside under a tarp.
  • Yard clean up. If something was hanging
    out in your yard already, please let it spend a bit more time there, or start a
    backyard compost pile. Learn more about backyard composting here (LINK).
  • Hazardous household products. Store
    hazardous products so that kids and pets cannot access them. Learn more about
    safe storage here (LINK).

Donation sites may be closed during this time. Please do not leave donations at a closed site – this is considered illegal dumping. Save good condition items for donation later.

Many thrift stores raise money for people in need. Please consider donating money to charitable organizations that provide food, transportation assistance, clothing, shelter, and utilities assistance in our community.

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout Seattle & King County. Find out more at King County Public Health.