Spring Landscaping Checklist

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to start thinking about our lawn and yard care projects. CV Lawn King put together a spring landscaping checklist to help you get started. Now is the most important time to if you want your yard and lawn ready for the hot summer. You need to get it strong now, while the conditions are right for strong growth. If you take care of these things now, you’ll be sure that your lawn will stay healthy clear til next winter.

1. Clean Up The Mess

The first thing is to clean up the mess left over from winter.  Before you do anything else, you should take some time to clean that mess up.  The snow always falls before your trees finish shedding all of their leaves, so even if you were dedicated to cleaning up the leaves in the fall, there’s going to be a few. The winter storms also probably knocked branches off trees and shrubs. Patches of ice formed in cold snaps, melted in brief warm periods, then froze again. As those patches melt, they’ll leave muddy spots and damaged grass.

While you’re cleaning up, don’t forget your flower beds and gardens. Get rid of damaged plants, pull weeds and grass out, and tidy up any debris that’s found its way in over the winter. Doing this now will save you from having to do it when it comes time to replant.

2. Fix Up Your Sprinklers

sprinklersOne of the most important parts of keeping your lawn and yard in good condition is keeping it watered. The average lawn needs about an inch of water per week to grow strong and healthy, but this can vary.  A good way to know if it’s getting enough water is to take a walk on your lawn.  If your footprints linger, it’s not getting enough.

To make sure it gets watered properly, you need to check your pipes for leaks or plugs. If you find any, get them fixed up now.  To better manage your water usage, consider upgrading your sprinkler system to better manage its water output.  There are plenty of tools and systems you can add to your sprinkler system to better control how much water they use.

3. Pruning

The best time to prune trees and shrubs is while they’re still partially dormant. Once trees and shrubs go into their strong growth phase in mid-to-late spring, pruning them can cause a shock response. The plants will suffer stunted growths and be much harder to control. Doing it now will let you preempt any problems – like overhang and encroachment – without hurting their growth potential.

4. Prep Your Lawn

lawn care and aerationEven with the best fall preparations, winter will do some damage to your lawn. You’ll have patches where the grass may have died. The weight of the snow compacts the soil. Many pests and parasites go to nest to escape the cold. Proper management can mitigate this, but you can’t eliminate it entirely. It’s time to get things back up to speed.

First, aerate your lawn so that water and nutrients can get absorbed by the soil. Secondly, sow your grass seed in any bare patches so they can grow in and get strong before summer. Finally, fertilize your lawn and apply pest control products. If you get this now, while everything is still dormant, you can keep it from getting out of control later.

5. Plan for Summer

If you’ve got any plans for summer projects, now’s the time to get them ready. If you plan to start a garden, till the soil now. Get some compost mixed in so it’s good and healthy. Have any construction plans? Clear the area now so you won’t have to worry about it later. Whatever you get done now is time saved in the future. And believe me, you want to save as much time as you can for summer just so you can spend less time under the hot sun.

Get On Top of It Now

The important part is to get on top of lawn care early.  If you wait too long, all of the problems with you lawn get harder to manage.  Pests become more active.  Grass seed will have a harder time growing in the heat of summer.  If you don’t get your lawn healthy and strong in the spring, it won’t have the strength to survive when summer comes in full.  The sooner you get all this done, the better it will be for you.