Spring Checklist For Cache Valley

purple and yellow flowers in springSpring has a lot going on. We all know about spring cleaning, but cleaning isn’t the only thing that should be on your checklist. There are many things you should take care of this spring. Several of Cache Valley’s local businesses talked with us about those things. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

The Spring Checklist

1. Lawn Care

According to CV Lawn King, There are two times of year when you need to do some special lawn care procedures: spring and fall. The duties of the two overlap, so they have them summarized on their website. You need to take care of it in early spring and fall for several reasons. Firstly, hot summers really stress your lawn and most of the lawn care jobs can seriously damage it if you do it then. Secondly, obviously you can’t do any lawn care during the snowy winter, so you need to get anything done in fall before the snow starts to fall, but after the summer heat has backed off. So, if you haven’t gotten your lawn taken care of yet, you need to get on that now, before the weather gets too hot for your lawn to deal with it.

spills on the carpet2. Carpet Cleaning

Okay, this falls under spring cleaning to some extent, but it’s important to differentiate this because a lot of people forget that there’s more to carpet cleaning than just vacuuming it. Alpine Cleaning and Restoration tells us that you need to deep clean your carpet usually once to twice a year. This means a full shampooing and rinsing. The reason is that being walked on means that a lot of dirt gets crushed deep into the fibers, where it hardens into sharp crystals that damage them. This shortens the lifespan of your carpet.

Exactly how often your carpet needs a deep clean varies depending on its traffic, but you should always make sure you do this after spring, because all the salts and other chemicals used to keep the road from icing up are especially bad for your carpet. As soon as the winter is over and they stop salting the roads, you should have the carpets cleaned to get rid of it before they do any damage.

3. Air Duct Cleaning

dirty air ducts need cleaningOkay, still on a bit of a cleaning tangent and this one is not an every year thing, but that’s why a reminder is needed. Easy Breezy Ducts tells us that modern air ducts and HVAC systems usually have good filters, so they shouldn’t need cleaning every year, but they do need it every once and a while. Due to the inversion we get every year here in Cache Valley, there’s a lot of bad air outside. If you haven’t cleaned your air ducts in a while, spring might be the best time to do so. That way, you clean out any gunk that may have slipped in from the inversion. It leaves you with fresh, clean air circulating through your home after a long, shut-in winter. Who doesn’t love a fresh start? There are numerous quality of life improvements that their customers report after getting their air ducts cleaned. Definitely consider it if it’s been a while since you have.

4. Safety Inspection For Your Car

car safety inspectionIn 2017, Utah did away with mandatory safety inspections, but SE Performance, a mechanic shop in Logan, Utah, will be the first to tell you that you should still get a safety inspection. Safety inspections make sure that all the necessary functions of your car are working properly. They go a long way to preventing easily avoidable accidents. They also find little problems before they become serious, saving you a lot of money by fixing them with simple repairs instead of expensive repairs for those serious problems.

Of late, Cache Valley has experienced such an increase in accidents, or traffic tickets related to issues safety inspections would have solved that Utah is considering putting mandatory safety inspections back on the books. Given that your safety is a big concern, it’s best to get ahead of the curve and have an inspection before it goes back to being the law. Spring is the perfect time for this because all those salts on the road play havoc on the underside of your car, so an inspection can pick up on that and fix it. Otherwise, all that salt might continue to sit on your car, eating away at many of its important components, such as steering, breaks, and alignment.

Complete That Spring Checklist

Spring cleaning is certainly important, and it’s already a big job on its own, but don’t let that get all your attention. There are other things to get done. They range from minor quality of life improvements, to things that could affect your health and safety. You definitely want to make sure you get these taken care of – especially the safety inspection for your car! The longer you wait on any of these, the worse the problems become over time. Don’t delay!