Sports and Wellness Staff Members Save Man After Heart Attack

Good Samaritans: Elaine Beachler and Kenny Greer

Sports and Wellness Staff Members Save Man After Heart AttackAlbuquerque-
Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Elaine Beachler and Kenny Greer for saving the life of Dr. David Peercy during a handball game at a local sports club.

On Tuesday March 8th, Dr. Peercy, a retired senior scientist at Sandia National Labs and President of the Albuquerque Public Schools Board, was playing handball at Highpoint Sports and Wellness when he collapsed on the court in cardiac arrest. His handball partner called out for assistance from the Sports and Wellness staff. Elaine Beachler and Kenny Greer immediately responded to render aid.

After assessing the situation, Beachler began chest compressions and Greer administered the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to shock Dr. Peercy’s heart back into a normal rhythm. The two staff members monitored Dr. Peercy’s condition until medical personnel arrived to transport him to a local cardiac care facility. According to the physicians attending to Dr. Peercy, the staff members’ quick and efficient work was essential in saving his life.

Dr. Peercy extended his deep appreciation for Beachler and Greer’s lifesaving response in a statement he sent to the Mayor prior to the Good Samaritan ceremony. Dr. Peercy stated, “I would like to emphasize the importance of every business, organization, and as many individuals as possible being trained in CPR assistance, and if possible on how to use AED devices. All our APS schools have this important training. I was one of the approximately 10% lucky persons in New Mexico to survive a cardiac arrest incident. More could be saved with the training and expertise provided by Elaine and Kenny.”

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According to the Center for Disease Control, about 735,000 Americans experience a heart attack every year. As was Dr. Peercy’s case, minutes matter in saving heart muscle during a heart attack. The longer an artery is clogged, the more heart muscle a patient risks losing, which can result in death. Early detection and treatment are essential to patient survival. Due to Beachler and Greer’s quick actions, Dr. Peercy’s heart attack was not fatal. It is for these reasons that they are being recognized as City of Albuquerque Good Samaritans.

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