Southern Utah Cares Celebrates 1st Anniversary

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Contact: Michael DeMille, Founder
Company: Southern Utah Cares
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Southern Utah Cares Celebrates 1st Anniversary
Local firm dedicated to providing service to local nonprofit organizations gives thanks to the many charities, events, fundraisers and community for supporting the belief that collective impact takes collaboration. 
St. George, UT – Just twelve shorts months ago the Southern Utah community was introduced to a new and innovative company, based on the age old wisdom that when individuals join together it creates greater success for all.  Southern Utah Cares, an online organization devoted to helping local nonprofits succeed, is proudly celebrating its one year anniversary.  Mike DeMille, Founder said, “The anniversary is a great milestone for our company, but we are much more excited about the impact we’ve had on the community.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many meaningful organizations.  Rather than simply celebrate our anniversary, we want to express our gratitude to the many charitable organizations that trusted us to share their messages.”
Like many new businesses and concepts, the idea that launched Southern Utah Cares grew out of frustration; one that Michael DeMille experienced a lot of when searching for ways to become more involved in the community as an individual and as a family.  “I was having difficulty finding out about volunteer opportunities, local nonprofit events, and finding an organization whose mission and programs were aligned with issues that I am passionate about.” His struggle led him to realize that others in the area may be experiencing the same difficulties.  DeMille took action and began developing a free, easy to use website and Facebook page that would bring “all of the local charities, all in one place. “ 
As the program began to develop Mike became more involved with local nonprofit leaders to determine what the best way to serve the sector would be.  Says DeMille, “The research process and discussions were so rewarding.  Many Executive Directors and their teams were open to sharing their thoughts and really supported the concept.” In a matter of speaking, Southern Utah Cares is a reflection and collection of the many ideas, wants and needs community organizations shared.  “It was important for me to ask those partners what they need and how Southern Utah Cares can provide for and support them best.”  Just one year later the company has become a welcomed resource to help nonprofits connect with, and stay connected to the community. 
Today, Southern Utah Cares assists more than 50 organizations share their messages.  In their inaugural year, the company supported over 250 different nonprofit events via an online directory of local nonprofit organizations; a calendar that lists volunteer opportunities, cultural, and community events; and both weekly and monthly newsletters highlighting upcoming events – all at no cost to their nonprofit partners.
The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.  “Southern Utah Cares has played a pivotal role in our community by highlighting the many programs and services local nonprofit organizations provide. By collecting all of this information in one place, our community is able to access the information quickly and support charitable causes they have a passion for,” states Dawn McLain, the Southern Utah representative for the Utah Nonprofits Association (UNA).   “Additionally, the Southern Utah Cares team has taken a leadership role locally in supporting UNA in our efforts to Unify, Strengthen and Elevate the nonprofit sector across Utah. Thank you for all you do to support our community and build a better Utah for us all!”
Moving forward, Southern Utah Cares is excited to focus on their next step, further development of their programs to expand their service base, increase exposure for all partners, share resources and engage the community at a higher level.  “The work charitable organizations perform in our communities is so important.  Community engagement and support is truly key to create sustainability for programs that segments of our population could not get elsewhere.  We are so proud and humbled to have a role in bringing people together for the greater good.  This opportunity has been the greatest first birthday gift imaginable.”   
About Southern Utah Cares
At Southern Utah Cares, our goal is to unite our community through service.
Mission:  Our mission is to provide a venue for nonprofit organizations in Southern Utah to share news, events, success stories, volunteer opportunities, programs and services in an organized, easy to access format, in one location, that is available to everyone.
Value Statement:  Collaborative community engagement is the catalyst for collective impact.
All the local charities; all in one place.


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