Southern Barbecue at Savannah????????s BBQ in Logan, Utah

The other day it was extremely cold in the Cache Valley area and I needed a place to warm up and get a bite to eat for lunch. Savannah’s BBQ had opened about two weeks ago and so I thought I would take the opportunity to check out the changes inside and taste one of their lunch offerings.

I arrived a little before noon and believe I was the first one in the restaurant for the lunch crowd. I was quickly directed to a booth next to a window to enjoy the winter sun. The booths are a carryover from the previous restaurant, but they the d????cor and overall atmosphere fits well with a barbecue restaurant. The kitchen area has been simplified and cleaned up quite a bit from the previous restaurant as well. It appears that one of the nice things about a barbecue restaurant is the savings on equipment.

The lunch menu had a ton of options from appetizers to sandwiches to lunch platters. I decided on a brisket platter with coleslaw. The platter was quickly brought to the table with a nice pile of sliced brisket and a nice bowl of slaw. The brisket is served dry which is how I like smoked brisket and the sauces are on the table. With four varieties of sauces ranging from a sweet original to a spicy barbecue, anyone should have one to enjoy.

I enjoyed my meal. However, there are a couple of things that need mentioning. My serving of brisket was on the cold side. I would much rather enjoy a warm plate of brisket when I am eating at a restaurant. The coleslaw was good, but not special. Even with a lot of pepper, it was still a bit bland.

Will I return? Yes. There are many other items to try on the menu. And, I love eating barbecue (or, smoked meats). The service was good and pleasant. Also, this may have been an off day for the brisket. Personally, I will give a restaurant a little slack if they have a good idea and are working hard to improve what they are doing, as I believe is the case with Savannah’s BBQ.

If you are going: Savannah’s BBQ is located at 880 South Main, Logan, Utah, (435) 213-3862. Open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday.


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