Sound The Alarm. Save A Life.

04/18/2020|The American Red Cross and our partners are dedicating a day to make people in the Madison area safer from home fires.
You can join the 2020 “Sound the Alarm. Save a Life” home fire safety event in and around Madison. In one day, our volunteers and partners will help make hundreds of families in Dane County better prepared from home fires, the most common disaster in the U.S.
We’re looking to bring on more volunteers for this day of service as well as sign up more people for these free, life-saving alarms.
VOLUNTEER: you can sign up to join one of our many volunteer teams who will help residents on this day of home fire safety. To sign up, go to:
1) SoundTheAlarm.org
2) Scroll down under the “Volunteer” section and choose “Find an Event”
3) Enter your ZIP code.
4) Select the 4/18 Madison event
5) Follow the prompts to enter the rest of your information
[Looking to sign up a group? Or other questions? Reach out to Sarah at (608) 347-8791.]
SCHEDULE A HOME FIRE APPOINTMENT: Do you need smoke alarms? Or does a friend or loved one? We can schedule an appointment on 4/18 (or another day/time that fit) for a visit by one of our teams to install free smoke alarms and work with residents on a home fire escape plan. Sign up at GetASmokeAlarm.org
Event partners & supporters:
City of Madison Fire Department
WPS Health Solutions
FGS The Restoration Company
Milwaukee Brewers Community Foundation
Lea Culver, board member emeritus
Julie Marriott, Tiffany Circle
|04/18/2020 – 8:30am to 3:00pm|smoke alarms, American Red Cross, Madison Fire Department|WPS Health Solutions