Something New In Logan

I enjoy eating at the Center Street Grill in Logan, but I must confess that I haven????????t been there is a few months. The other day I was looking for a place to get a quick bite and check some emails on my computer and decided to get a bite and a table. I was pleasantly surprised.

The owners have remodeled the interior to accommodate a salad bar and a soup bar. While I was browsing the menu, it occurred to me that the menu was simplified, as well. I decided to try the soup and salad bar. It is only $6.99. The salad bar isn????????t huge, but it has a nice selection of fresh salad, cottage cheese, pasta and marinated vegetables. Definitely, there were plenty of choices for a nice lunch.

On the soup side, there were four kinds of soup that all looked tasty. However, I decided to try the homemade chili. I wasn????????t disappointed.

Center Street Grill still has great burgers, but many of the menu items have been taken off. I would suppose that is good for food management. And, many of the items may have never been ordered. Also, a new addition is breakfast being served from 6:00 a.m.

There is a wifi signal in the restaurant, so I was able to check my email. And get a few other things done online. Try it out if you haven????????t. You might like it.

Center Street Grill is located at 18 E Center, Logan, Utah, (435) 227-0321 (


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