Solar Canopy to be installed at Boston Police headquarters

Today marks the start date for work at the Boston Police Headquarters Solar PV Canopy. The bulk of the work is expected to be complete by the end of August. Commissioning, which is dependent on Eversource’s final inspection, is likely to be sometime in September or October.

Energy conservation measures for the Boston Police Department Headquarters include:

  • improvements to boiler replacements
  • lighting and lighting control upgrades
  • building envelopes
  • water conservation, and
  • computer power management.

Installing a parking lot solar canopy array will generate electricity and reduce the use of electricity from the grid.

Renew Boston Trust commits to make City buildings align with the Climate Action Plan. We’re working to lead by example on energy efficiency, healthy buildings, and carbon reduction. Implementing the Solar PV Canopy at the BPD headquarters brings us one step closer to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Details about the Solar PV Canopy

This project will construct carports, shelters for a cars, in the parking lot of the Boston Police Department Headquarters Building. On the carport structure, 707 solar modules will reduce the amount of power the building draws from the grid. The cost of the solar generated power is less than Eversource’s price. The solar array has a design capacity a of 259.7 kW DC/187.5 kW AC and is expected to produce about 300,000 kWh every year.

About Renew Boston Trust

Renew Boston Trust conducts energy audits and makes energy conservation recommendations. We ensure the installation of these energy efficiency upgrades in City-owned buildings.

The first phase of the Renew Boston Trust initiative will install energy conservation measures at 14 municipal buildings and renewable generation at three sites across the City.

Projects include:

  • Copley, Brighton, Hyde Park, and Lower Mills Libraries
  • Engine 9 and Engine 32
  • A15 and D4 Police Stations
  • Tobin, Sehlburne, and Roslindale Community Centers
  • Flaherty Pool and William J. Devine Golf Course
Economic benefits

The Estimated First Year Savings for the Boston Police Department installation is approximately $6,000. Renew Boston Trust is self-funded because the savings from energy efficiency and renewable energy measures pay for themselves and more. We are using a proven self-funded financing model, and our contractor guaranteed those savings. The savings within the City’s operating budget from more energy efficient buildings pay for the financing of the work. With more savings, we plan to re-invest in resiliency measures to build a strong, healthy, and resilient Boston.

Environmental benefits

We will make our buildings more comfortable for City employees and the visitors. Once completed, the first phase of the program will reduce the municipal greenhouse gas emissions by 1 percent, and grow in impact over time. As we work towards carbon neutrality by 2050, municipal buildings help lead the way.

Contact Department: Environment

Publish Date: Wed, 07/01/2020 – 10:51am