On the good ship U.S.A. many of the crew-members and the passengers are arranging deck chairs while the ship is sinking. Long ago the ship hit the iceberg called socialism. That socialist iceberg has been tearing a widening hole in the side of the ship for many decades now. The ship is going down and the crew is blaming the disaster on the good people who warned and fought against socialism.

As liberal leaders among the democrats and republicans have made bigger and bigger promises in their effort to create a ??????kinder, gentler?????? social democracy instead of the democratic republic we once enjoyed, they have found it impossible to properly fund all the promises. They are already failing to deliver on the promises that socialism has made such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Less Poverty (war on poverty???????which cost trillions and has expanded the ranks of the poor), a global empire that????????s suppose to deliver peace (by making constant everlasting war), ??????Free?????? Obamacare (which has already failed and will become even worse), ??????free?????? education (that teaches socialist lies to our children), etc. As President Reagan observed, ??????Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.??????

As the socialists among us have taken ever more ground they believe they can force the rest of us to provide an endless socialist redistribution cornucopia for the dependent class, the takers. They believe they have a ??????right?????? to free education, free food, free retirement, free housing, low interest loans, free healthcare, and the dignity of great wealth whether they earn it or not. They believe it is someone else????????s responsibility to provide it for them. Of course, some of us call that involuntary servitude (see: Link)

Many of these people believe they have a right to regulate every aspect of your life and to intervene in the affairs of others, even in the affairs of other countries. Hence they support and believe in the interventionist, globalist, statist policies of the United Nations (U.N.) that have lead the U.S. into so many costly wars and have cost us so much in foreign aid over the last five decades. (see: Link )

The many forced redistribution of wealth programs that were dreamed up by the socialists among us were never properly funded. It would be impossible to ??????give?????? everyone everything they want. Someone has to earn it. And as the once productive and free, private market becomes strangled by over taxation and over regulation it is unable to create the capital for expansion that creates productive private jobs that provide for the escalating taxes needed to pay for the massive expansion in government expense.

One socialist answer for this destruction of the private economy is to create more non-productive government jobs and to raise the wages of government employees and to force employers to pay more taxes and higher minimum wages. This burden, that is carried primarily by the private sector, further exacerbates the problems it has already created. It is a vicious cycle that leads to poverty and general destruction.

Under socialism, government grows and grows, as do the programs and laws and regulations its proponents dream up. Meanwhile, as tax rates increase and government demands increase, business slows down and actual tax receipts begin to fall. Growing government costs more each year. Deficits have grown along with the growth of government.

First the socialists raise taxes to try to cover the deficits created by their out of control spending. Then they borrow everything they can from everyone who will lend to them to finance the deficits (which just makes the situation worse). Then they find that all this borrowing and all this debt comes with interest payments that rob them of the funds needed to run the bigger and bigger government and all the expensive programs (surprise? They can’t borrow their way out of debt.). As they run up against difficulties in raising taxes further, and as their credit rating is downgraded, they find they can????????t even borrow enough to fund the escalating deficits.

Long ago they added currency debasement (which has actually been going on for 100 years now) to their arsenal of tricks to keep a failed socialist economic system going. This has caused prices to escalate to amazing heights.

Finally, they will label those who have proposed self-reliance, small government, balanced budgets, less spending, and limits to government power to be terrorists and/or enemies of the state. They do this in order to be able to persecute and control those people, but their primary reason for doing this is to justify the confiscation of their wealth to keep the socialist party going just a little longer for their cronies and themselves. Never mind that this false utopia can????????t endure; just party on till the ship goes down. The parasites rarely worry about the hosts. True economics will eventually provide for a terrible harvest as the ship spirals down into the whirlpool of socialist destruction.

Our country can neither borrow or spend its way out of debt. It must work and save it’s way out of debt. But that truth is too hard for the socialists to face. They remain spoiled children, unable to face adult reality.

The Federal Reserve has been aiding the debt orgy by buying government debts through Quantitative Easing (QE) and other mechanisms. This has lead to currency destruction. The whole world has supported our multi-decade party by allowing the U.S. to run huge trade deficits and by accepting inflating dollars for goods. They have been hungry for dollars to buy oil and other commodities. But as they have seen the dollar continue its rapid decline in purchasing power, they have begun to panic and spend those dollars to buy our stocks, our real estate, our companies, and even our commodities in order to get something with real value while jettisoning the paper dollar. The dollar is a trade item, but it is not a reliable store of value (it is no longer as ??????good as gold??????). That repatriation of dollars into the U.S. is already happening and is already helping to drive bubbles in the stock market, the real estate market, and even in the bond market. Warehouses full of dollars are sloshing around the globe forcing everyone to recognize its falling value.

Eventually, if we stay this course, it will be clear that our country is broke and that the dollar and the economy are sinking. Where are the life rafts when the good ship U.S.A. sinks? Remember, ??????Socialism is the iceberg?????? and more of it won????????t solve the problem.

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