SocialBox.Biz Announces ‘a Socialbox for Every IT Manager’ Campaign

New initiative designed to reduce waste, help the homeless, and help corporations

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SocialBox.Biz has announced the launch of their “A SocialBox for Every IT Manager” campaign. Through this new initiative, IT managers are provided with SocialBoxes, which act as donation drop-off points where old tech can be left.

Donation is a great way to help the local community and improve ESG profiles. Old laptops can easily be wiped clean of sensitive data either in-house or by SocialBox.Biz on-site and reset with open source software.

The laptops can then donated for the homeless in accommodation services, thereby offering a way for them to connect with career and educational opportunities. For many people, laptops provided by SocialBox.Biz have already helped get them back on their feet.

For corporations, donating locally offers a number of benefits, including higher ESG scores and a lower carbon footprint, all while helping homeless people get back into society and back on their feet. Through the “A SocialBox for Every IT Manager”, IT managers have an opportunity to help clients redirect their old tech to an exceptional cause.

IT managers interested in getting a SocialBox can reach out to SocialBox.Biz for more information.

Earlier this month, SocialBox.Biz and leading FTSE Index Partners announced carbon emissions reduction through laptop handovers. Further details from SocialBox.Biz

“Recycling this kind of waste from landfills reduces methane emissions, which are 25x more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere,” said Peter Paduh, founder of SocialBox.Biz. “Since ESG is critical in measuring the sustainability of a company, including the ethical impact of company investments, donating laptops is an easy way to boost all three components of ESG and it helps companies find purpose for old tech.”

“Local solutions are proven to further reduce emissions, and re-use and reduction are more desirable than recycling and disposal,” said Peter. “We reset machines with open source software which prolongs the lifespan of equipment as it can be installed on older hardware. With the help of open source innovation this can be even some times performed on site, which is further reducing corporate Scope 3 emissions due to minimal need for handling and transportation, enabling local reuse and rehoming with a purpose.”

About SocialBox.Biz

SocialBox.Biz is a community interest company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative tech solutions.

Notes to Editors

Regus have SocialBoxes in over one hundred of their sites…




Phone: 0843 289 5722

Contact name: Peter Paduh

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://www.socialbox.biz/


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