Social Security Trust Fund Abuse

Foxx News reported that the number of people in the United States who are dependent on Social Security disability payments has gone from 8 million to 11 million people in just the last few years. It is estimated that the Social Security disability trust fund will run out of money at this rate by 2016.

People are reportedly using the disability fund as ??????unemployment insurance??????. When they have a hard time finding a job they discover they are disabled and begin to lean on the trust fund as a quasi unemployment insurance and/or retirement benefit. The system is rife with fraud and nobody seems to be guarding the hen house.
Many of these people are too young to receive regular Social Security benefits, but they are not too young to qualify for disability payments. It is also suspected that of these 11 million people a high number are also accessing other government safety net programs such as food stamps.

Companies have sprung up around the country that have as their main purpose assisting people to discover their disability from the hundreds of possible disabilities that qualify for Social Security disability payments. They help these people to learn how to apply successfully for disability payments.

Is it any wonder that this trust fund is going broke? When elderly boomers seek help for legitimate disabilities a few years from now they may find that the fund is broke, as the money has already been distributed to many who have imagined a disability. This pattern of overuse of a socialist program is in keeping with socialism everywhere. First moochers discover the program, then the moochers over use the program, then the program goes broke, then it given additional funding from those who are still working as they are forced into involuntary servitude to pay for the socialist program. The politicians stay in power as they appeal to the moochers to keep them there so that the program can live on. Other citizens vote for the program believing it is necessary because so many people now depend on it; they don????????t consider the real economic cost or consequences of creating this dole. This is how modern tyranny works.
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