Social Security News and Emergency Closings

Are you someone who likes to stay up-to-date with what????????s happening at Social Security? Have you ever wondered how to find if the Social Security office is open when there has been a disaster in your community?

Here????????s some news you can use on both these topics. First, let????????s take a look at how to find out about Social Security news. At our homepage at www.socialsecurity.gov, look on the right side near the middle of the page for the header, ??????News??????. Here you can read news stories about recent developments concerning Social Security. If you want to read about information on the recent Supreme Court decision about DOMA and Social Security, just click on ??????Statement of Carolyn W. Colvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security on Payments to Same-Sex Couples??????.

Each year Social Security????????s Board of Trustee????????s reviews the Social Security Trust Fund and issues a report. This is the place where you????????ll find that story. Around Mother????????s Day each year, Social Security announces the most popular baby names for the previous year. So, if you want to find out the popularity of the name of that new baby in your family, you can read that story here.

Another type of ??????news?????? that????????s important when a natural disaster strikes is whether the Social Security office is open. Whether it????????s a severe winter storm or when the bridge or road is washed out, check the website first to make sure the office isn????????t closed.

To find this information, look on the homepage on the left side near the middle at the series of navy blue boxes. Click on ??????Office Closings??????. Next, click the tab ??????Office Closings and Delays??????. Offices that are closed or have delayed openings will be shown here. If your local office is closed, be sure to click the ??????If Your Office is Closed?????? tab for information about how to take care of your business with Social Security.

So, whether it????????s Social Security in the daily news or news about office closings, you can visit us at www.socialsecurity.gov to find the news you can use.


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