So… What’s the deal with Windows 8?

So??????? what is the deal with Windows 8?

Basically, Windows 8 is a desperate attempt by Microsoft to compete with Apple????????s iPad.

So what does this mean for the average desktop PC user? Windows 8 is junk.
I downloaded the pre-relaease version of Windows 8 and tested it on a newer model PC. I found it to be almost useless for anything but email.
Also, security seems to no longer be a concern for Microsoft as it let me happily go poking around through (as I found out later) apps that connected me immediately to the Web. I had not installed any security or antivirus software yet and Windows 8 didn????????t blink an eye. A sure recipe for disaster.
The most bothersome thing about this new ??????operating system?????? (I use quotes because it limits what you can do so badly that the name in a misnomer) is the fact that it is ridiculously difficult to navigate with the traditional mouse and keyboard. When you first start up your computer you are greeted by a bunch of squares instead of a desktop.
This is the new ??????Metro?????? interface Microsoft has foisted on users. The squares are meant for apps, not programs, so the old ??????click an icon on the desktop to run a program?????? is history. The Start button is gone and when I got tired of messing around trying to accomplish even the easiest of tasks it took me ten minutes to figure out how to turn the darn thing off. Unknown to me there is a slider thingy that will slither out of the right side of screen when you put a mouse in exactly the right spot to activate it. I know now that it is called a ??????Charms bar?????? ???????? yea, right???????) It is a creepy thing that has weird new symbols on it and at the very bottom, a Settings thing that I figured might let me change the way Microsoft had forced me to navigate this mess (Please, please, please!!) but no, it only gave me a few choices to manage the computer ???????? one of which was ??????Power??????. There you can shut down your computer. And I was happy to do so.
I did tinker with it for a few more days until I got fed up with the hoops I had to jump through to accomplish even the most basic of tasks ???????? I even had to choose an ??????app?????? to bring up what Microsoft thinks is a desktop. It????????s crap.
So??????? What does this mean for the new PC buyer? Avoid it like the plague. I had a relative email me and ask if they should get the free upgrade to Windows 8 since they were getting a new PC and I????????m glad they asked before buying ???????? they would have been throwing their money down the drain.

Guess you can say that this computer professional thinks Microsoft is putting the dollar before the customer, as usual. They built this thing for their new tablet, the ??????Surface??????, to try to steal dollars away from Apple (good luck 🙂 so if you don????????t own one you should steer clear of Windows 8.

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