So What is the best way to keep an older computer running smoothly?

So??????? What is the best way to keep an older computer running smoothly?

One way is to defrag your hard drive every couple of weeks.

“Defrag?????? is short for defragmenting and it’s a process you run on the hard drive/disk inside your computer to help it operate faster.

Defragmentation occurs as you remove files from your computer and new information gets written to the empty spaces left by the deleted files. Imagine a pie with a few forkfuls missing where some had nibbled on it. This is what the hard drive looks like when files are deleted. When you save a new file, or install a new program, the information gets written into the first convenient place and as a result the data is scattered (fragmented) all over the ??????pie??????.

By running the Disk Defragmenter program (located in the Windows XP, Windows 2000 Accessories menu) your computer will move the pieces next to each other so that when your computer goes to open the file or program it doesn????????t have to search all over your hard drive to do so.

There has been a lot of debate over the benefits of defragmenting a hard drive because it does cause wear and tear to the drive. With the introduction of Windows Vista and continuing on to Windows 7, Microsoft has set up the disk defragmentation process to occur automatically.
I run my disk defragmenter on a regular basis and have never seen any adverse effects on computers I????????ve owned for over 7 years; but it????????s a personal choice. I recommend defragging your hard drive every couple of weeks if you are an average user (use email, write a few documents, save a few pictures), or each week if you are a heavy user (save lots of pictures to your computer, write lots of papers).

So, I hope this helps the myriads of older computer users to keep their computers running smoothly.

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Dave Kadlec
The PC Shop


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