Snow Update 1/24/20 10:30am

Good morning!


I apologize for the delayed update this morning.  By now everyone can see that the arterial streets are in very good condition for travel.  Currently they are in a wet condition without snow or ice.  The Snow Fighters are currently in the residential streets plowing snow/ice from curb to curb.  We are utilizing our A-B-C street routing system to clear the snow on the streets.  The A-B-C routes allow for no particular street or area to always be the first or the last street to be completed during a 2” or more of snow accumulation on the pavement.  We will remain on the residential streets until there is another change in the snow pattern that may cause us to transition back to the emergency arterial routes.  As a reminder, as we would all love to see bare pavement in our neighborhoods, there is a “No bare pavement” policy in the City of Peoria.  Travel slow, be cautious and be safe!  Thanks!